Creative small business ideas: The vinyl advantage

by Souvik on 09/05/2018
Looking for niche items that you can sell online? Selling vinyl records online is one such creative small business ideas that you can give a try. Vinyl records have recently made a comeback in terms of sales volume and revenue generation. The total income generated from selling vinyl and related products in 2017 amounted to 100 crore1. As per market experts, the market share of vinyl records is likely to grow further with millennials forming the target customers.

Why is it profitable?

Vinyl records come with a strong nostalgia of yesteryears. People who have seen these records in their early childhood are likely to find them interesting and attractive. Also, vinyl carries an aesthetic feel that is expected to attract a lot of online buyers. A survey shows that consumers who have purchased vinyl rarely play the records. It is also a very niche business and comes with very limited competition in the market.

Focus on the rare records

If you are able to get hold of old records that are no longer available in the market, you are likely to make a lot more money by selling them online. Fans treat these records as collectibles and are fine with paying whatever price they need to. A great way to have a rare collectible section to your list of offerings is by pinpointing multiple credible suppliers.

Have a blog page

If you are to do well in the online market, you will need to work on your visibility a lot in the initial years. A blog page will help you rank higher on search engines for relevant keywords, boosting your incoming traffic. However, the important thing to note in this regard is to have posts that are informative and useful for the readers. You can have posts around the legacy and rich history of vinyl records without making them too salesy.

Use social media correctly

All creative small business ideas need to be marketed correctly on social media for best results. Focus on groups that are relevant to your business but avoid spamming them with irrelevant posts. Have nice attractive creatives that will make users fall in love with the concept. Having contests and trivia campaigns is also a great way to boost your social media impact.

Have a suitable website

Like all other creative small business ideas, this concept also demands a website with the right look and feel. Having a site that has a nostalgic appeal will boost your chances of making a final sale. It is also important to keep your website simple and user-friendly. A low load time and easy page-to-page flow will keep your audience engaged and lower the bounce rate. However, building your own website from scratch is a hassle. This is where Amazon can help you.

Partner with Amazon

Doubting if you will be able to tackle so many things at the same time? Simply partner with Amazon and let the experts handle things for you. As a registered seller on Amazon, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of associated benefits including access to a ready market. So, what are waiting for? Enlist yourself today!

Source: Deloitte: Vinyl a billion dollar nostalgic niche

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