Customised storage boxes: Best creative small business ideas

by Souvik on 09/05/2018
Millennials are known for thinking out of the box and willing to take the risk when it comes to their choice of profession. Interestingly, over 62% millennials want to start their own business and are waiting for the right plan and time1. If you are one such person looking to make an alternative career out of digital entrepreneurship, here’s a creative small business idea to start you off: customised storage boxes online. The biggest perk?

It’s a low investment business. Selling storage boxes will not require heavy investment from your end, making it a feasible option for beginners. Among all other creative small business ideas, this is probably one of the easiest and safest on the financial front.

Add to that the fact…

Storage furniture is always in high demand and you have a winning idea. Customised storage boxes will always have a steady demand in the national market. These boxes meet the exact requirements of the buyer in terms of size, shape, color, and material used. Thus, customised boxes will always be a preferred choice for packing personal and corporate gifts.

Then there’s an obvious differentiator…

These furniture have low to moderate space requirement. You will not need a large place to start this business. You can keep increasing your production space as you grow.

Of course, sell online…

Your online presence will matter in gaining traction for your business. This unique concept comes with the added advantage of not requiring a physical office. You can simply have a website in place to take care of your market presence. However, you will need to build your website in an attractive and user-friendly manner to be able to attract prospective clients right from the onset of your business.

Other factors to keep in mind in this regard is to have a low page load time, easy page to page flow, simple user interface, soothing colour combination, and fast checkout procedure. This where Amazon can give you an edge over building your own. You’ve an established marketplace at your fingertips, you’ve customers who’re ready to check out your products and you incur no additional cost of setting up your own website.

Keep your focus on creativity…

As is the case with all creative small business ideas, creativity will be your main weapon in gaining market share in this business. Choose your workforce wisely and ensure that the storage boxes you put up for sale are unique and high quality. Give your prospective customers a wide range of products to choose from for best conversion rate.

Have a good after-sales service

Your job as a seller doesn’t end with selling. Most modern-day buyers choose a brand depending on the after-sales service on offer. Make sure you continue to engage with your customers to turn them into loyal clients.

Price your products wisely

Pricing is one of the most important parts of setting up a business and can make or break a new brand. As a seller of unique products, you may be tempted to go for premium pricing. However, it not be a good idea for a new seller, unless you are willing to invest heavily in marketing and promotion. Keep your prices moderate and affordable and focus more on sales volume.

Make the best use of Amazon

Like all other creative small business ideas, you can also choose to focus only on production by getting yourself registered as a seller on Amazon. By partnering with a credible brand such as Amazon, you will be able to make the most of a ready market without having to worry about brand promotion. So, what are you waiting for? Start living your entrepreneurial dream today with Amazon.

Source: Forbes: Are millennials more or less likely to start their own business?

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