Dhamakedaar self-employment ideas for 2018: Part 1

by Laboni on 13/07/2018
Remember the endearing Rocket Singh and his efforts in making his customers happy? He may have just been a film protagonist but in today’s scenario, pleasing your customers can be a game changer. So, if you’re planning to become an e-tailer, finding the right products that’ll bring a smile to the faces of your customers may be a pareshaani for you. Tired of reading the same old rock-paper-scissor and scissor-paper-rock self-employment ideas? We agree with you, gone are the days of mediocrity. Only a dhamakedaar idea can help you make a heroic entry to the world of e-commerce.

On that note, check out these ideas we’ve hand-picked for you. They’re promising, they’re niche and most importantly, they’re unconventional. In one word, they’re your pareshaani ka haal.

Fruit wines: Your neighbourhood may love his whisky a lot but not everyone is the same. More and more people now want to enjoy a great glass of sangria that will not knock them out cold, no matter how much they drink. Enter fruit wines. A great beverage for one and all, fruit wines have taken the global market by storm and effects are beginning to show closer home in our country. If you’ve a knack for trying out new recipes, consider homemade food wines as a self-employment idea. Check out our blog on how to start a food business from home here.

Tea samplers: Some people swear by coffee, some people prefer a good sleepover staring at the ceiling at night. Tea is the beverage of choice for such people. The health benefits of tea are many and India produces a variety that can rival its plethora of festivals. But what if your customer wants to sample a few different strains before buying a pack? Make tea samplers with small tea –bags containing an assortment of teas and you have a nifty business idea that can rake in a decent moolah.

Breakfast-on-the-go: Move over buttered toasts, healthier, tastier breakfast options are here and going by the looks of it, will stay. Health-conscious Indians are on the lookout for breakfast options that will not take care of their dietary requirements but are easy to prepare. A breakfast cup comprising granola, dried fruits, nuts, flax or chia seeds is, therefore, a hot seller among such a crowd. Provide customised breakfast cups/packets with a selection of breakfast options and you have a dhamakedaar self-employment idea.

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