Eco-friendly products as a creative small business ideas

by Francesca on 07/06/2018
Love green and wish you could spread environmental consciousness among your contemporaries? The good news is, you can. As consumers and governments today are growing incredibly conscious about their purchase decisions in terms of eco-friendliness you can expect a steady demand for such products and services today.

Take your first step into the online selling industry by checking out Amazon’s Affiliate Program to ensure your range gets the limelight it deserves. Next, transform the entrepreneur in you into an environment-friendly enthusiast with these creative small business ideas:

Used books

There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to enlighten others. Set up an online store wherein you can ask your audience to give away their old text books and other literary material. You can either resell this at a discounted price or use them to create inspiring eco-friendly decorative items.

A thrift or consignment store

Creative small business ideas like these can really change your hobby into a means of living. It takes a keen eye for aesthetics to be able to discern the value of old used goods. These could be anything from clothing, accessories, footwear, crockery, and electronics to furniture. You can either sell them as antiques or recreate them by giving them a fresh yet rustic look. A good place to find your stock would be at flea markets and rural areas. You could also check with a realtor for a database of people moving into a new home. Chances are they want to get rid of most of their old stuff which you could transform into a creative small business idea.

Handmade organic products

Step out of the city and visit the villages. You are bound to find a ton of beautiful handmade products from pottery to home linen and apparel waiting to receive their true value. By partnering with some of these village artists you can be confident to build a decent organic range business. Places like Rajasthan, Gujrat and the north eastern India have a rich culture that can be effectively tapped. Handmade clothing and ornaments, even home décor arts have a great demand both in India and abroad.


A great way reduce carbon footprint and a trending fad in fitness bicycles cater perfectly to health conscious and eco-friendly customers. One of the most lucrative creative small business ideas a bicycle store commands an audience ranging across all ages. If you really want to stand out from the rest try offering custom-made bicycles for rides with specific interests. The best part about this business is that you can start as local as you can and scale up with time.

Organic food products

In an age thriving on adulterated goods, consumers today don’t mind spending that extra buck on food they can guarantee is farm fresh. While some big brands have already established themselves in the industry the market is still hungry locally to have access to 100% natural groceries.

Now that you have these creative small business ideas, what’s stopping you from choosing one and getting started on Amazon as an e-seller? Check out their incredible plans that help you reap sustained benefits. Set the ball rolling today and make way for a bright future as a digipreneur.

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