Effective business improvement ideas: Top 3 online ad spaces to get your business skyrocketing

by Francesca on 05/6/2018
As a startup, advertising on print, TV and other traditional media may not be your cup of tea. But that’s not something you should worry about. There are umpteen case studies to learn from on how small business owners have scaled the heights just by the merits of good online display and social media advertising. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up 3 incredible online spaces that are sure to make your marketing investments worth it:

Google Adwords: Owning a lion’s share of the search engine market, Google Adwords works basis the Pay Per Click (PPC) model. All you need to do is specify the keywords you want to target, bid on them and decide which of the following ad routes you wish to employ:

Search ads: These are essentially the top 2 or 3 ads that pop up in your search results basis the keywords you’ve entered. They also appear on the top right-hand corner. In order to rank first on this list of ads, there’s an online auction for keywords.

Display network – Google owns a ton of property across Gmail, Youtube and many third-party sites. This ad set offers you placement across this network to showcase your offering in a format be it video, content or simply images.

Remarketing: Being one of the most result–driven business improvement ideas, this one lets your ad follow those who have entered your target keywords across all its properties. This provides a great sense of brand recall. This can be driven via both search and display network campaigns.

Facebook Ads: An equivalent of Google in the social space, Facebook lets you draw relevant prospects and hot leads for your products. Its campaigns come in various formats ranging from videos to static ad posts, carousels and canvas, one of its most alluring formats to try. Creating a business page is vital as most prospects tend to check out your brand on social media first. Another key benefit of advertising on Facebook is that you can simultaneously tap into Instagram’s audience as well.

To advertise here all you need to do is choose your demographics, key in their interests and location, and you are all set, once you’ve uploaded your ad’s content and images. What makes Facebook ads one of the most tangible business improvement ideas is that they are astoundingly budget friendly, offer up accurate analytics and of course, an unparalleled customer outreach.

StumbleUpon ads: While very few people have heard of this one, this platform is a social bookmarking site that speeds up your journey to get relevant and organic reach. StumbleUpon Paid Discovery lets you take your brand to the masses by placing it right next to quality content so that users can eventually see merit in your business as well.

Equipped with this advice, also check out Amazon’s Affiliate Program. It offers a galore of business improvement ideas and opportunities. While you’re at it don’t forget to sign up on Amazon as an e-seller. Showcase your products to the e-shoppers through Amazon’ Sponsored Products and you’re all set to rock the e-commerce space.

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