Entrepreneur ideas in India: Sell DIY beauty products

Here's why selling home made beauty products online is a great place for your to start off

by Laboni and Sahana on 11/04/2018
They say, one should always live and let live. And, ethical consumption is a flag-bearer of such a sustainable lifestyle. A rising trend in the global market, if you believe in ethical trade and business practices, you will be the right person to sell your products to a niche consumer base. But, what products to sell? If you’re looking for entrepreneur ideas in India, selling home-made beauty products can be a great place for you to start off. Here are a few beauty products that you can make at home:

Rose water: Rose water has been traditional used in many Indian beauty treatments over the years. With mild astringent properties, it makes for a great toner for daily. You can make your own rose water by boiling fresh rose petals until. Turn off heat and let it sit for a few minutes. Strain and pour into dark, clean glass jars. Homemade rose water is a great product to set the ball rolling on your organic beauty store.

Lip balm: Lip balms is a daily necessity. Yet, the varieties available in the market are often laden with harsh chemicals. You can make it at home by mixing equal quantities of beeswax with shea butter and virgin coconut oil. Add customisation per your consumers’ requests and pack in attractive little containers and you’ve an instant winner for a product idea to sell.

Coffee under-eye cream: Under-eye creams are popular with the working women of today because of their soothing and stress-relieving properties. You can easily make a coffee-based eye cream that effectively treats tired eyes, reduces puffiness and smoothens fine lines around the eye area. Making and selling organic under-eye cream is definitely a good place to break into the organic beauty products marker for beginners.

Loofah soap bars: Loofah bars make for a great DIY gift idea and you can make them at home with minimal investment. You can market your product as a unique gift and set sail on your entrepreneurial venture.

If you want to start monetising your passion for organic beauty products, it’s an excellent idea to take your venture to an online product selling site. Research indicates that since November 2015, global consumers are tending to demand natural and organic beauty products, and choosing them over regular cosmetics*. The general anxiety surrounding the use of chemicals with adverse effects in conventionally manufactured beauty and healthcare products has translated into conscious shoppers. Shoppers today add value to how ethically produced goods are better for their use than those which are not.

Selling on Amazon
Formulating a business from scratch might be a challenging task. But, if you register as a seller on Amazon, the in-house team of experts will guide you through the nitty-gritties of online selling. You can also enroll yourself in the Seller University and learn the art of online selling. In the long run, it will save you time, money and trouble, not to mention you’ll reach crores of customers at a go. So, don’t wait anymore. It is time to make a difference.

*Source: Businesswire: Growing Demand for Chemical Free Products to Create Opportunities for the Global Organic Skincare Products Market Through 2020, Reports Technavio
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