Exploring the creative small business idea of selling cane goods

by Souvik on 16/05/2018
Looking for creative small business ideas? How about selling cane goods online? A recent study shows that almost 70% millennials look for eco-friendly goods while shopping1. You can make excellent use of this business opportunity by starting a business in India with the primary focus on selling cane products. The following points may help you start a profitable venture in this regard.

Ensure a steady flow of raw materials

If you are located in north-eastern India, getting the raw materials for cane products will never be a problem. However, if you are located in a different region, you will need to find a supplier whom you can depend on. Cane usually comes at an affordable price, keeping initial investment on the lower side.

Get hold of talented craftsmen

When it comes to manufacturing cane products, hiring skilled craftsmen is one of the most important things to do. In case, you are unable to hire the right talents, you may choose to play the role of a middleman. In any case, make sure the quality of the products you intend to sell remain top-notch.

Build a user-friendly website

When it comes to selling online, your website is everything. You need to choose the right colours, design, page-to-page flow, and layout for best user experience. Showcase your products under different categories with the right images for best results.

Or, you can choose the convenient way out by becoming a seller on Amazon. Amazon takes care of your business, from inventory to logistics and payments. You use your time in building your business.

Identify your prospective buyers

Do your market research well to understand your target audience as closely as possible. Having detailed buyer personas will help you a lot in creating the right marketing strategy with high return on investment.

Price your products correctly

The pricing strategy you choose to implement will likely determine the success of your business to a great extent. You may want to offer limited-period discounts to create immediate market impact. However, if you are confident of the quality and uniqueness of your products, you can go for premium pricing.

Promote the eco-friendly aspect of your items

As a seller of cane products, your biggest marketing tactic will be the eco-friendly aspect of your offerings. Use social media and your website to highlight this as much as possible.

Have a blog section

Getting organic traffic from the search engines may prove to be difficult if you fail to have sufficient content assets on your website. A great way to do so will be by having a dedicated blog page. This will not only give your website a serious SEO boost, but will also allow you to connect with your target audience more closely. Have posts that are informative and engaging instead of being promotional.

Simply partner with Amazon

You can skip most of the points mentioned above by enlisting yourself as a seller on Amazon. As a registered seller on Amazon, you will enjoy immediate online visibility and market impact. You can just focus on manufacturing or sourcing the best products and let experts of Amazon handle the rest. So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself today.

Source: waste360.com: Millennials buy products they believe are eco-friendly

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