Exploring hand-painted pottery as a creative small business idea

by Francesca on 05/6/2018
When it comes to pottery, there are incredible ways to start a creative small business idea right from your home. Pottery products cater to a niche market both in India and abroad and attract quite a few enthusiastic buyers especially at flea markets, exhibitions and other art-thriving sales opportunities.

In the recent times, pottery painting has been a culture that has attracted quite some limelight. Given the professional skill and passion reflected in making pottery, it has risen in popularity among homeowners looking at unusual options to decorate. So if you paint pottery or simply being a niche entrepreneur has been on your mind, read on to know how to make a profitable income from this creative small business idea.


If you are a professional potter or have learnt moulding pots and are familiar with working your way on the wheel, then your job is almost half done. However, if you are not, you can find sources from pottery workshops, or your local sellers as well. All you need to ensure is that they use the best materials and the firing and glazing process meet professional benchmarks.

Designs and customisations

This is where you can flaunt your true expertise. It’s wise to first check out what’s trending in the market before you venture into creating your first set of designs. Making a few subtle but strong tweaks to the themes that are highly popular is one of the quickest tricks to get your designs noticed. If you own a blog, flaunt your work and make sure to mention that you take up customised orders.

If you are entrepreneur void of painting skills yet passionate about selling the end product, having a keen sense of aesthetics is vital. Scour the internet for history and designs that are inspired by ancient cultures. Replicating or creating your own versions of these can really get you ahead of the competition.

Types of wares

While majority of the pottery products today are treated as a work of art, too delicate for everyday use, there’s still an affluent audience that prides in using pottery wares as crockery. Crafting plates, soup bowls, dishes, tea sets and glasses with intricate themes like Sgraffito and mottled or half glazed effects are among the most sought-after designs in the market.

From stoneware, porcelain to earthenware, pottery enthusiasts are eager to get their hands on all of them. Having an expertise in painting across these types can make your brand stand out from the rest.


With this creative small business idea, it all boils down to making sure you are accessible to your niche audience. Always be on the hunt for retail craft events, trade shows and fairs. Joining online communities or hobby workshops will also help. Your buyers would range anywhere from elite pottery aficionados to tourists from across the globe looking for souvenirs.

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