Five marketing strategy examples for a shot at success

by Pallavi on 11/04/2018
Promotions are essential, no matter how big or small the business is. While advertising spends can reach crores for global brands, small businesses can adopt cost-effective strategies that touch upon a few, effective channels.

With 70% of consumers depending on the internet search for making informed purchase decisions, sellers must ensure that buyers find them online*. On that note, let’s take a look at five marketing strategy examples that can grab attention:

1. Pictures are worth a thousand words – For any business, an online presence is incomplete without images of its products. Whether on your website, e-commerce site, or blog, consumers only stop scrolling when they see an image. First impressions count and the best way to attract your customer is through high quality photos. While descriptions of the products cannot be dismissed, you must have photos that closely match the text. You can find examples everywhere online, from watches and mobile phones to apparel and bags, consumers stay on a page when they like what they see.

2. Be smartly social – As smartphones and internet continue to reach far-flung places in India, people have found social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, significant in connecting them with the world. This makes social media marketing a pertinent tool for small businesses to promote their products on a wider scale. Most social sites offer paid advertising opportunities. Some of the common marketing strategy examples include giving away freebies, using smart content and images to highlight a discount or unique feature of a product, and running promotional contests.

3. Strengthen your brand using videos – Videos can be a powerful tool to promote your product and business. As 43% of the consumers, today expect marketers to use videos for promoting their products, it is a good time to start using video content**. Social media sites, as well as video streaming sites such as Youtube, provide businesses the platform to easily showcase their goods.

However, you must remember that people will only watch entertaining videos. Your focus, therefore, should not be to directly advertise your product. The trick is to make and post videos that are short and engaging. You can make them funny, emotional, or informative.

4. Let your story speaks to the heart – One of the most alluring videos or blog idea is when you tell your personal story. Whether you started your business from your small kitchen or had to turn a run-down garage into a small printing press, your consumers will be interested in how you started out. Another marketing strategy example is getting a magazine or news site to publish your story. When the story comes from your heart it will find its way to your buyers too.

5. Keep connections alive – This is the most important point to remember for business owners. Consistently interacting with buyers can keep you standing even when something goes wrong. Prompt replies to their comments help resolve issues before they blow out of proportion. Thanking them for their positive reviews or apologizing for a damaged product will ensure them that they are heard and make them return and purchase again.

Experts suggest that online retail in India is set to grow at 1,200 percent between 2016 and 2026***. This is an assurance that small businesses can become bigger and earn higher profits in the time period. Amazon is at the forefront of this growth. Register at Seller Central and start selling on Amazon. Your marketing endeavours will help propel your sales and enable you to realise your entrepreneurial dreams.

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