Follow these steps to learn how to sell items online

by Priyanka on 20/08/2018
If you have stopped at this post, chances are high that you are contemplating your own online venture. Without an iota of doubt, you are at the right place. Global e-commerce player Amazon has been providing a great platform to aspiring entrepreneurs and helping them jumpstart their own business.

Now, the big question is how to sell items online? Various factors need to be taken care of before floating in your online venture. Let us look at some of the operational aspects as well as some business fundamentals of selling items online:

Get the right documentation in place. To start off, you must register your venture on the Amazon and provide your GST Number/GST ID. In case of your product being tax exempt, you need to provide the relevant PAN details.

If you are yet to have your GST number, you can quickly check how to register for GST.

Carefully consider UPC and Brand Registry. You might ignore this step if your products are already available on Amazon. The match feature of Amazon enables automatic filling of product details including the unique product code (UPC). If you are selling a unique product, provide your UPC while listing. In case it is unavailable, apply for UPC exemption. Sellers having their own brand can register under the brand registry to avoid brand infringement.

Pay heed to cataloguing and listing your products. It is very easy to catalogue your products on Amazon. You can choose any of the listing methods that suits you best. Do the listing individually or in bulk, either via desktop or the Amazon Seller App, per your preference.

Configure your shipping options. Choose a shipping service that best suits you. You can select from shipping options like:

Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) – Your products will be stored at Amazon warehouse. Once an order is placed, they are packed and shipped to the customer from there.

Easy Ship – You can get your product ready and Amazon will collect it from your doorstep and deliver it to the customer.

Self-ship – Here you need to handle the entire process of storage, packing and delivery to the customer upon receiving an order.

You can check about the shipping options here. You can set shipping rates for your products based on your choice.

Bank details and account setup

You need to update your bank account details by providing basic account information such as invoice address, customer service contact and others. Your payments will be taken care of by Amazon seamlessly and on time. Regular payments will be credited to your bank account. After registering, you can contact the seller support team for help. This whole registration is an easy process.

Register now to become an online seller with Amazon. It takes only a few clicks. In case you have lingering queries or concerns, you can check our Start Selling Guide for more.

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