Here are the top women's footwear items to sell online

by Anupriya on 16/04/2018
Marilyn Monroe had once quipped that give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. For every girl, one of the most vital parts of her attire is her shoes. Good shoes can make or break an outfit. The recent trends in urban Indian lifestyle and fashion industry mirrors the demand for unique and versatile footwear. It has given an impetus to the footwear market as well.

Currently, India is the second largest footwear producer, contributing almost 9% of the global annual production right after China, which contributes over 60% to the global production1.As far as women’s footwear is concerned, the market is growing at a whopping CAGR of 20 per cent2. Without a doubt, selling footwear can prove to be a successful entrepreneurial idea.

To succeed, brands must transform their relationship with buyers and concentrate on what best choice they can provide to their customers. In this regard, selling online can provide greater visibility to existing footwear brands and ensure a greater customer outreach. Online marketplaces like Amazon can help sellers build an e-store on the website and cater to a crore-strong customer base. But, choosing items to sell online can still be a tricky task. On that note, here’s a list of popular footwear items you can consider selling online:


For party nights or office meetings, a pair of pumps is the best variety to have. But according to a survey, there is a drop of 12% in the sale of high heels in 20173. Does this mean women are choosing flats over heels? Certainly not. At the same time, they’re choosing comfortable pumps over kitten heels for dailywear making it a great footwear item to sell online. Now an online marketplace like Amazon has unified a variety of customers under a single roof and you can be the one providing them with a different choice of shoes.


High tops and sneakers are a major trend among the millennial shoppers. These shoes are comfortable, and go well with almost every outfit. According to a recent survey, women have more inclination towards buying athlete or flat shoes as compared to heels for regular wear4. Sneakers are most definitely items to include in your inventory.

Ballet flats:

These are a perfect blend of chic style and comfort. Be it a fun night or a hectic work day, one can wear them anytime she wants. Retail and apparel analyst at Mintel, Alexis De Salva noted, “It is more of a multitasking for women these days. As a result flat shoes are becoming regular in multipurpose dressing.” You can offer your customers different textures and colors in flats to hike up your sales.

Armed with the knowledge of most popular footwear items for women, you can now start planning your online store. Don’t take the hassle of building your own website from scratch, sell the best footwear items in an online marketplace. Give your entrepreneurial dreams a try by registering yourself as a seller with Amazon today and let its host of seller services guide you through your selling journey.

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