How to excel in your online selling business

by Priyanka on 07/08/2018
The road to success is never easy and it holds true for an Amazon seller as well. If you think that being on the world’s largest online selling platform is a sure shortcut to success, then think again. Being an Amazon seller definitely gives you an edge but you need to adhere to rules and adopt Amazon bestseller practices to fully realise your start-up goals.

Let’s analyse the different facets of the online selling business and how to make the most of the selling platform called Amazon. These best practices are easy to emulate and can reap you long-term benefits. Here, we’ve broken them down for you

#1 Plan to perfection

Planning and organising are vital best practices for Amazon sellers. If you’re just starting out, this could mean sorting your inventory into the most logical categories on Amazon. It could also mean planning your sourcing process and finalising your supplier network. If you’ve been selling for a while, it could mean planning logistics for shipping and inventory replenishment. For some sellers, it could also entail researching and testing third-party tools and services that can make planning and organization easier to handle in the future.

#2 Show absolute compliance with Amazon’s policies

Try to read all the rules carefully and ensure you understand the implications even before putting up a single item for sale on Amazon. Countless sellers and listings are suspended each day on account of policy violations, customer complaints, and incorrect listing. So adhering to the rules is a sure shot way to avoid account suspension.

#3 Do a fine comb research before you start sourcing

Take the help of a scouting tool or a research tool to check current information like item listing, other sellers, potential profit margin, sales rank or even listing restrictions if any before you source and list items for sale. It is also important to access the viability of your product portfolio before putting them up for sale. It is important to find good products that will attract potential buyers. You need to find your niche from the vast Amazon catalogue.

#4 Ensure listing optimisation

This is how you can optimise your listing for Amazon.

Use your product title to capture the buyer attention. The more descriptive it is, the better it becomes.

Use 5-6 clear and crisp product photos.

Avoid duplicate content.

Do a quick search of similar items to see how your competition has described the product. And then do the same on Google.

#5 Offer Seller Prime or free shipping for Merchant Fulfilled listings

More and more buyers are opting for Prime products or Seller Fulfilled Prime products because paying for shipping is passé. If you want gain traction, the best bet is to incorporate the shipping costs within the listing price. Make sure you test the viability of your products for both FBA and Merchant Fulfilment and list/fulfil accordingly.

#6 Crunch your numbers and analyse them well

Selling is finally a number game. You need to analyse your costs, sales figures, and profits if you want to avoid overspending or under-pricing. You need to check Amazon’s fee structure which might change occasionally, else this will affect your inventory and pricing putting pressure on your margins.

All of these, in a nutshell, explains how you can maximise returns from your online selling business by taking advantage of the Amazon platform. Register here and join a world-class e-marketplace today. Give wings to your entrepreneurial dreams.

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