How to find the best wholesale saree market online in India

by Souvik on 25/06/2018
Indian women love draping the six yards of grace. No wonder, the Indian saree market is valued at a whopping 36,035 crore INR and is expected to grow at CAGR of 6%1. With demand for this ethnic wear steadily on the rise, new entrepreneurs have a glorious business opportunity in front of them. If you can ensure a steady supply of quality sarees, selling the same online in a wholesale saree market may turn out to be a profitable venture. However, the real trick lies in finding the right wholesale saree market. Here’s how you can locate one:

List the credible marketplaces

There are multiple online marketplaces where you can get enlisted as a seller. However, not all are credible. You will need to identify the ones that have a proven track record to avoid unwanted situations. A great way to do this is to search for popular marketplaces online and check their reviews section.

Look for a secure payment gateway

Is your preferred marketplace providing you a safe and secure payment gateway? Any malfunctions in this regard may harm your future business prospects beyond repair. The rising number of cybercrimes have forced buyers across the world to be more careful while shopping online. Sellers who are unable to provide a secure and safe payment gateway are unlikely to be able to attract prospective buyers.

What are the benefits on offer?

It is important for you to understand the exact list of benefits that a chosen marketplace is offering to sellers. As a new business owner, you can make use of all the help that you can get in terms of marketing and promotional advice.

Analyse the visibility

The visibility of the wholesale saree market will primarily determine the success of your business. Analyse the visibility in terms of search engine ranks for relevant keywords and social media presence.

Is the seller interface user-friendly?

As a seller, spending hours on handling the website interface is something that you cannot afford to do. It is critical that the seller interface is simple and user-friendly. You also need to check if the interface allows you to list multiple products together.

What is the marketing strategy?

Every marketplace has a specific marketing strategy. It is vital that your strategy is aligned to that of the marketplace.

Does it have global presence?

Demand for Indian sarees is very high in the global market and every seller would ideally want to make the best use of it. However, to successfully target international buyers, tying up with the right marketplace is a must. You will need to check the global popularity of the brand that you are willing to partner with.

Or, simply go the Amazon way

With a ready list of loyal buyers, Amazon is easily one the better marketplaces available online for sellers. As a registered seller on Amazon, you will enjoy instant market visibility and the backing of a time-tested, credible brand. You will also be able to access a highly secure payment gateway and an extremely user-friendly seller interface. So, register yourself as a seller on Amazon today.

Source: India Retailing: Women’s Wear Market in India

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