How to increase business online in top 4 creative ways

by Francesca on 20/08/2018
Is your online selling business experiencing a lull in sales? You are not alone. There are quite a few startups that are in the same boat as you. So how do you get out of this rut? We have put together the top 4 ideas to increase sales that can help you understand how to increase your business online:

Leverage testimonials

If you are not engaging enough with your existing customers, it’s time to start that exercise now. You can encourage them to give you feedback by rewarding them with loyalty points that can be redeemed on their next purchase or you could even offer a minimal discount. It would be great if you could get them to share a photo of themselves along with their quote as it adds credibility. Ensure you have at least three or four such testimonials, preferably from different locations.

Include a live chat

For those of you who have customisable products and are wondering how to increase sales online, this is a great tool. A support team that engages with your shoppers can guide them at varied levels of shopping, from understanding their need to answering their order status queries. Pampering your prospects with this extra layer of personalised engagement will automatically put you in a better position than your competitors. After all, site visitors will always prefer speaking to a real person on your site rather than the trained chatbots.

Integrate Instagram shopping

Let’s face it shopping is all about visuals. It is no surprise why more and more e-commerce websites in India and abroad are including this platform in their sales promotion techniques. With over 5 crore daily active users, Instagram is booming with all kinds of shopping experiments. From story driven FOMO (fear of missing out) offers to video and carousel ads, you can try whatever fits your budget and audience. Another great way to up your e-commerce marketing and revenue is by considering regramming – a concept that lets you officially use user-generated content to encourage existing customers by reposting their photos on your brand wall.

Revamp your email marketing strategy

Lure your customers with weekly or monthly discounts and giveaways. You can try a myriad of pull techniques like minimum purchases to bag a free gift or a special week of free shipping with no minimum spend. You could also host contests and offer early bird discounts or special previews for loyal customers. Another aspect that will help you learn how to increase business online is by tugging at their abandoned shopping carts. Remind them of their planned purchases with memorable and quirky subject lines. Many shoppers today genuinely forget they had made up their minds to buy something.

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