How to open an online store free of cost in India

by Bisakha on 21/08/2018
What if we tell it is possible to launch an online store with zero cash investment? It may sound impossible, but read on and you will find that it can be done.

Here are three options you can try to open an online store with no investment:

#1 Use a ready-to-use platform

If you are wondering how to open an online store, there are essentially two ways you can go about it: you can set up a self-hosted store or host a store on a well-known ready-to-use e-commerce platform. The first option will set you back by thousands of rupees if not lakhs. But the second option is certainly a sustainable one.

Platforms like Amazon permit establishing an online store on its website. So, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a domain or hiring website designers to create a visually attractive store for you.

Let us take the example of Amazon. It isn’t necessary to know coding to set up an online store through it. All you need to do is create an account on Amazon and start selling. Some e-commerce platforms may charge a monthly fee. However, they don’t charge an exorbitant amount and some of the sites even offer free trials.

#2 Pick products that are in demand

Wondering how to open an online store with zero investment and make it successful? Sell products that people want to purchase. Some easy ways of finding out which products are in demand are:

1. Look up bestselling items on Amazon.

2. Check out Google Trends to see how the products are faring.

Make sure that these products are in stock. Also, choose suppliers with good ratings while sourcing your products.

#3 Approach micro-influencers on Instagram

You probably have an Instagram handle in your name by now. Whether you are active or not is a different question. Even if you are inactive on Instagram, you can ask micro-influencers to promote your products. And you can work with them without having to pay for their posts.

Set up an affiliate program with your micro-influencers. Don’t worry, it is not that complicated or elaborate. Simply send the influencers a message with a coupon code or discount. And let them know that you will pay them an affiliate fee for every sale that comes through.

Influencer recommendations bring in sales directly. Most micro-influencers are of the opinion that Instagram is one of the most effective platforms to engage their followers. The best part is that these e-commerce platforms also offer free trials so you can get started without investing.

If you can launch a store in a day, then you are more likely to land a sale in a week. The biggest mistake we make is never trying. Now that you know that it is easy to open an online store, what are you waiting for? Register on Amazon today and get started.

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