How to sell online for free in India

Here's your chance to sell your stuff online for free using Amazon Seller App

by Swati Bucha on 19/09/2018
In a progressive digital-age, it is not judicious for those with a physical product or an offline store, not to take advantage of the various channels that are available to sell online. With more than 40% of the world’s global internet users purchasing items online, selling a product online is no longer an option, but a compulsion.

With the introduction to mobile technology, smartphone devices have become another way to run a business. And the good news is that there are plenty of apps available when it comes to selling your stuff online for free. One such app is the Amazon Seller App. The app allows sellers to register or log into their accounts, put products up for sale, analyse their sales and interact with customers. Sellers can also estimate how much a particular item will make them, with a built-in calculator that figures out the fees Amazon will take for both a standard sale as well as handling fulfillment for a seller.

How to get the Amazon Seller App?

Android users: Go to the ‘Google Play Store’, search for ‘Amazon Seller App’ in the search bar, and .
iOS users: Go to the ‘App Store’, search for ‘Amazon Seller App’ in the search bar, and .

How to register via the Amazon Seller App?
- Create your Amazon account by entering your name, email address and a password.
- Enter the company/business name and fill in your business details. Choose a shipping option that suits you the best.
- Update tax details.
- Choose the categories you want to sell your products in.
- Enter your bank details to get payments and upload a scanned copy of your signature.
- List the products and start selling on Amazon.

However, if you have a team who handles your business, you can run your online business via desktop as well. All you have to do is visit and click on the Register Now button. You can also learn how to open an online store in 5 easy steps.

So, while you can stay on top of your business with the Amazon Seller App, your team can handle it on the desktop.
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