Simple ideas to increase sales of seasonal merchandise

by Francesca on 16/05/2018
Rarely does anything come close to the spike in sales that marketers witness during the festive season. Hoping to keep the magic alive through the year many retailers are eager to apply tactical ideas to increase sales. So whether you are a brick and mortar shop owner or a startup e-seller looking for a commendable amount of exposure to your target market, signing up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program makes perfect sense. Why? Because they have a worldwide customer base of more than 310 crores as of 2016, and the numbers are only growing1.

Next, build an impressive seasonal sales strategy that ensures a steady flow of merchandise right from the get go. Listed below are the best practices for almost any retail businesses –

Shake things up every few weeks

Don’t you just wish you could don on a new avatar every single day to work? That’s exactly what your customers are dying to experience too. True, they may be staring at the same old shelves every fortnight, but they eyes are actually hungry to spot something new and interesting. Even subtle changes in the display work. Give your shelves a new look every once in a while.

Introduce new colors. For e.g. in the first week of Christmas you can decorate the isles and displays with red and golden streamers. After a week or two you can change the combination to green and golden, playing around the festivity’s theme.

Tidy keeps them coming

Seasonal months can be quite taxing as there’s a constant pressure to ensure the shelves are well stocked. However, a smart retailer will never accept that as an excuse for untidy floors. Remember, for your customers it’s all about the visual appeal.

Pick up those empty boxes. Clean off the dust on your displays. Make sure all products are organised neatly. A great looking presentation doesn’t need to be all fancy. Simply focus on looking welcoming.

Be the early bird

Start planning out your festive communication, media and strategy ahead of time. Treat your customers to an early bird offer. Purchase pulls like time-sensitive discount campaigns and price capped cashback incentives also tend to work fabulously. Train your audience to watch out for these treats through social media, online display and probably even an ad in the local newspapers.

Analyse before you stock up

For some retailers it may be relatively easy to stock up excessively. But that’s not always the best practice. There are many avenues to learn what products are trending in the market. For instance, walk into a competitor store and check out the most populated isle. Check your social analytics for ideas to increase sales; which product has received the most likes, hearts and comments. Dig into you sales statistics from last month or even last year. Chances are not much has changed in the festive buying behavior.

Finally, if you’re still looking for ideas to increase sales boost your chances of being noticed over your competitor by registering as an e-seller with Amazon. This way, you can still cater to those last minute impulse buyers who are looking to carpe diem online.

Source: Statista: Number of active Amazon customer accounts worldwide from 1st quarter 2013 to 1st quarter 2016

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