Ideas to increase sales: How stumble-upon ads can help beat competitor’s web traffic

by Francesca on 25/06/2018
For those of you who haven’t come across the term yet, StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking website that works on thumbs up and downvotes. It’s a great platform for driving more traffic to your web store as it offers a gamut of ideas to increase sales. Not sure how it works? We’ve broken down the basics for you:

First, sign up on the platform by choosing the top 10 key interests that relate to your business or the target audience you plan to engage with. Next, within those interests make sure you follow the top influencers and their followers. This helps you attract followers back which in turn means more eyeballs for your web store at some point in near future.

While the platform has advertising arm known as StumbleUpon Paid Discovery that enables you to speed up the traffic generation process, we recommend you spend a good amount of time attracting genuine follower base first. Reason? Because even the advertising process highly depends on your organic audience.

Next, share content that’s incredibly engaging and of high value. This must be a mix of your own blogs or products and other websites offering related content. The quality of content you vote for is of utmost importance as that will influence the audience you garner. Remember, all this spadework is vital before you deep dive into StumbleUpon Paid Discovery.

Advertising on StumbleUpon is almost similar to Facebook or Twitter ads. You choose, the demographics of your audience including interests, the device you want your ad to be seen on, the time and the budget and voila! You’re done. Only instead of an actual image or content, all you need is a URL from your website that you want to promote.

StumbleUpon will showcase your page when users browse through new websites within a specific category. This works as a win-win situation for both advertisers and users since StumbleUpon will only throw up good content that has got many upvotes. This increases your chances of getting more traffic as users are already set in a positive mode having received valuable content.

If you’re looking for budget ideas to increase sales and drive traffic to your web store StumbleUpon is for you. It has no minimum budget. This gives you enough room to take the trial and error route and experiment with different campaign variations.

Here’s how StumbleUpon Paid Discovery benefits your web store:

The traffic you garner through sharing content and advertising send positive signals to Google bots. Being a social media platform Google immediately takes into account these clicks automatically upping your search rankings.

This is not only one of the quickest ideas to increase sales but also helps you create a ton of quality backlinks for your website that contributes to your page rankings.

Since you are able to generate organic traffic these ads also make your web store’s engagement metrics look good.

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