Launch your t-shirt line: Products to sell online

by Poorvi on 11/04/2018
Back in the time of Bert and John Jacob or Catesby Jones, starting a clothing label was not an easy task. Nevertheless, they made it—Bert and Jacob’s Life is Good ™ and Jones’s Peace Frogs ™ are two of the leading American lifestyle brands inspiring entrepreneurs across geographies to pursue their dream.

Today, if you are aspiring to launch your own T-shirt brand, you know you can fall back on the Internet for ideas pertaining to design and market trends, as well as for simpler solutions to seemingly large business challenges.

With the widespread availability of digital printing resources, setting up a customised T-shirt store online is an affordable option more than ever before. However, before you go ahead and start building your empire, it’s important to chalk out a plan. Creating a brand means having a clear understanding of which products to sell online, and for that to happen, you need to first identify trends that could flatter your target audience. For the rest, here’s what you need to keep in mind:

The trinity of niche design, quality and brand

By now you are well aware of the substantial competition you will be facing when you launch your brand. In order to rise above those, it is essential to choose a niche in the graphic T-shirt space. Over the years, the e-commerce market has seen everything from funny slogans to everybody’s favourite comic heroes on T-shirts. The only way you can repeat the same is if you have a fresh approach to what is already available. Try going kitsch, or conform to popular industry patterns of seasonal fashion, say a fall or a spring collection.

Once you have your design, concentrate on the quality of the product. To retain customers, you must do away with the possibility of compromised quality of material or ink. You do not want a negative impact on your brand image.

Having stellar designs and incredible product quality will fall short if your brand name is not catchy. When customers have multiple choices, it becomes imperative for an e-commerce business to stand out. And what better way to draw attention to yourself than a unique brand name that is also simple enough to be remembered?

Pricing your T-shirt line

Pricing your product might appear to be a challenge in the beginning. It is highly recommended that you do a thorough market study which includes looking at online as well as local resources and printers before deciding on a budget. Determine the prices after you know your exact expenditure, which includes product and business cost, so your expenses are covered. Keep a rational margin of profit which can help you scale your business later.

Learn how to market your brand well

With over 40% of the global population on social media, the best way to market your brand and product is by putting yourself where your potential customers are. Apart from social media platforms, there are e-commerce sites that can help in gaining traction. It is also a good idea to have a personal website for your brand so you have visibility into the kind of traffic your product is generating and assess them for either improving products or creating new ones.

If you are unsure about where to sell your product, rely on an established platform that can make the process seamless for you. Register now at the Amazon Seller portal to build your online store and reach out to the global population. It is a good idea to enrol under the Amazon Brand Registry to prevent theft of intellectual property. Pay only when you’ve sold your products and watch your venture flourish with Amazon.

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