Learn about the Amazon scanner app for your business

by Priyanka on 29/08/2018
If you are an entrepreneur keen on starting your online business, Amazon will make your e-commerce business easier than ever.

Here’s how:

- You can start selling as soon as you register and pay only when your products sell.

- You get to sell across India from the comfort of your home.

- Secure and on-time payments directly to your bank account.

- Product pick-up, packing and shipping will be handled by Amazon.

- Even return orders will be tackled with by Amazon.

Now that you have every reason to register as an Amazon Seller, let us give you one more: the Amazon Seller App. As a registered seller, you get access to the Amazon Scanner App as well. The Amazon Scanner App should be in your arsenal, else you will find yourself on the battleground blindfolded. A scanner app provides you with the ability to keep a track of competitive pricing of a particular product, thereby giving you an idea of how to achieve more sales and higher profits compared to your competitors. The Amazon Scanner App is absolutely free. So no extra charges are incurred in your business expenses.

Wondering how the Amazon Scanner app helps you? By providing you with the following information:

- The first two lines of the product title

- The picture of the product from the Amazon product page

- The product’s selling ranks on Amazon

- The number of offers from other sellers

- The condition of the product being sold

- The lowest price available for both Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and Merchant Fulfilled (MF)

- Whether Amazon sells that product or not

How to use Amazon Scanner app?

There are three options to search for products through the app:

- You can click on the camera icon, and point it to your product. The app will use the product recognition feature to find the product on Amazon’s system.

- You can click on the camera icon and scan the product’s unique barcode and find the product on the database.

- You can manually enter search terms or the title of the product and search

Once the product is recognised, you can calculate how much profit you will make by selling that product. You click on the “gross proceeds” option and enter your buying cost to get a report on the profit amount you get through FBA and MF by toggling between the two options.

- You can then enter the price you wish to sell the product for and list your item from the app.

- All your scanning and listing will be recorded in the Scanning History.

Using Amazon Scanner app, you can also:

- View customers’ messages and respond to them anytime through your phone. You can even use customisable email templates.

- View your sales, pending orders, confirm shipments and payment balance.

- Manage your stocks and update the pricing.

- Get in touch with the Seller Support anytime.

Amazon Seller App constantly aims to make selling products online simpler and safer. So register now and download Amazon Scanner App (Android, iOS) to stay ahead in the online business race.

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