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by Pallavi on 16/04/2018
Ernest Hemingway once said that while life ends someday, it is how people live and die that tells the distinction between them. Hemingway’s life mantra resonates with those who live to the fullest. One sure way of doing that is by going on adventures, such as camping and hiking. In India, there is a growing trend among the young and the middle-aged to participate in outdoor recreational activities. A leading outdoor gear seller expects to see sales growth of 1000 crore INR by 20201.

For those who wish to start a business online, supplying camping and hiking equipment can be a lucrative opportunity. After all, urban Indians prefer researching and buying such products online. To get a kick-start, here’s a list of popular camping and hiking essentials you can stock and supply:

Things to set camp: Tents and sleeping mats are the bare necessities to camp out. With the Indian camping tent market poised to witness huge growth2, suppliers can stock up on tents of different sizes, materials, strength, and features. Water-proof, portable tents with anti-UV and good ventilation properties are gaining popularity. For sleeping gear, pads and bags are both in demand. Stock those that are light weight and water-resistant for gaining maximum traction.

Things to sustain in the wilderness: Food and water are required to survive in a place where you cannot find a shop nearby. In the wilderness, unless you know your plants well and have water testing equipment, it is best to carry non-perishable food and water bags. Campers generally prefer cooking at camping sites. Portable stoves, cook-set, survival folding knives, multi-tools, water bladders, and camp mugs are best selling items in the camping gear category, you can start a business online with.

Things to help hike and trek: For every person planning a hiking or trekking trip, backpacks, trekking poles, and hiking boots are a must. While there are various types of backpacks and boots manufactured, hikers usually go for those that are water-proof, light-weight, sturdy, and can sustain all kinds of extreme climatic conditions. You can offer knee caps, ankle support, blister-controlling foot soothers, and hiking socks to attract more buyers.

Gadgets: Technology has helped people to plan and enjoy their outdoor tours more than ever. GPS, head lamps, torches, compass, solar chargers, smart outdoor watches, and multi-functional gadgets are some of the cool inventions being used by seasoned trekkers and campers. You can stock a variety of these gadgets or partner with a gadget manufacturer to provide you with these supplies.

Outdoor wear: Water-resistant, lightweight jackets, shorts, full track pants, cotton t-shirts, and sunglasses are some of the most commonly sold things in the camping and hiking category. To start a business online, you can complete your camping and hiking supplies portfolio with these outdoor apparels.

As you can see there are numerous camping and hiking equipment that you can sell online. We at Amazon help business owners simplify their order fulfillment requirements by providing logistics support. Through our seller portal, we also help you to build a comprehensive portfolio with options for categorising and classifying the products. Register at Amazon seller portal to showcase your camping and hiking items and help people have safe and memorable adventures.

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