5 low-cost brand promotional ideas to advertise your business

by Francesca on 16/04/2018
So you have finally set up your business. The products are coming out great. You are getting decent reviews about your new-born enterprise among the selected network that’s experienced it. So what’s daddy or mummy worried about? “Not enough people know my baby and I don’t have much to spend on advertising.” - If this is your challenge then read on.

Amazon offers an incredible base of potential customers with a fantastic policy that doesn’t deduct any fees before a sale is made. But first skim through these top five brand promotional ideas that will help you get popular on an affordable budget:

#1 Go social. Getting your brand on the social bandwagon is not too difficult. All you need to do is chalk out your prospective customers’ demographics, geography and identify a destination where they can know more about your product or make a purchase.

According to a popular online advertising advisor, the chances of your unpaid social content reaching your fan base is as low as 1%1. The good news is Facebook lets you advertise for under Rs.100. Plus it also gives you a great dashboard to track engagement. You can also start a Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram Business page to get the word out faster.

#2 Incentivise referral programs. Another great brand promotion idea would be to launch a contest across your social base by asking people to spread the word. The carrot could be a good discount on their next purchase or a complimentary gift basket. Word of mouth, as we all know is one of the oldest and most powerful mediums of advertising.

#3 Leverage the local. Having an official storefront to your name is important. But by creating a Google My Business Account you can let the world know the most basic information about your brand, e.g. your operational timings, working days and of course your location on Google Maps.

Apart from this, remember to stay updated on events around you that would attract potential customers. These often work as great networking hubs where you exchange business cards or just casually introduce your business over coffee.

#4 Create shareable content. Any good blogger will tell you that creating good share-worthy content comes from talking about the experience and things that revolve around your product rather than rambling about the latter. So apply this mantra across all your communication.

Craft posts around a ‘slice of life’ theme or something topical and trending. Then find a way to weave your product into that story. This way your promotion will rise from being plain vanilla into an experience-based ad.

#5 Collaborate with similar upcoming brands. Connecting with companies that fall within your product category is a great way to gain access to their customer base in exchange for your own. This not only gives you a wide reach but also helps in leveraging cross promotions, especially during festive season.

So get started by registering for Amazon’s Affiliate Program to get your products of the shelves on a low-budget ad program.

Source: Wordstream: 13 Best Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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