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HAPCUS – A Seller on Amazon: Maintaining Safe Work Practices amid COVID-19

by Rohit Bachhawat, Director - HMB Commercial Private Limited, Hapcus (Amazon Seller - Part of the Amazon Saathi, Seller Mentorship Program)
We all know that these are difficult times. Things are not how they used to be due to the Coronavirus outbreak and the consequent nationwide lockdown. Especially doing business is not the same currently. But we learn to adapt to every situation that comes our way. And this time, it’s about moulding our lifestyle and routine around social distancing.

Unfortunately, we could not make deliveries during the lockdown period. But now we are glad to inform you that HAPCUS has resumed operations from 4th May 2020, post lockdown. Although the lockdown has been eased, the danger of the virus and its spread has not. Good health and the safety of our employees is of utmost priority to us. So, before recommencing any business activity we have put in place certain procedures to ensure thorough screening of people entering the building. We have issued certain guidelines for maintaining hygiene and social distancing at the workplace for smooth functioning.

Here’s how we are following proper hygiene at the office building:

Our Hygiene Practices

Building sanitization - Our office building has been completely sanitized and cleaned to ensure the safety of all entrants.
Building Sanitization
30% Workforce - We are currently operating at less than 30% workforce within the office to ensure social distancing.
30% workforce
Maintaining social distance - We have areas marked in the office and fulfilment centre for maintaining a distance of 6-8 feet among people and have put necessary measures in place to ensure the same.
Maintaining social distancing
Essential staff only - To further strengthen precautionary measures, only the essential staff is working from the office currently and the rest have been advised to work from home.

Proper cleanliness - Special care has been taken to ensure that common areas are cleaned regularly with disinfectants.
Sanitizers - Sanitizers are placed in common areas and inside the office for easy access.
Work station sanitization
● Staff education - Our staff have been educated on safe work practices and hand hygiene.
Staff education
Staff Education
Man and goods movement flow - We have also restricted entry of any courier partner into the building and have created a shipment area for ready to dispatch material outside the premises.

Screening for entry - Barring employees, visitors are allowed inside only when absolutely necessary. All employees and visitors are allowed to enter the premises post thorough screening.

That brings us to our screening process. We have set a proper screening process in place for those entering the premises. The process follows standard screening guidelines for COVID-19 to ensure maximum safety to all the personnel working here.

Our Screening Process

● The body temperature is measured using an infrared non-contact digital thermometer. If the temperature is more than 98.6°F, then the person is denied entry into the building premises, and the management is also informed about the same.
Screening Process - Body temperature check
● It is mandatory to wear a face mask and sanitize hands before entering the premises.

● All entries are logged and all entrants including employees have to sign a self-declaration.
Screening Process - Employee self-declaration form
At HAPCUS, we believe that as trade partners, it is important to share details of the measures we are taking at the workplace to create awareness among all. We are adhering to Government guidelines to ensure maximum safety. Our work timing starts at 9:30 AM and the cut-off time for all dispatches is 6 PM, post which no product will be dispatched until further notice.

Our first priority is the safety of our employees, and as a responsible company, we will keep taking these necessary steps to ensure good work hygiene at the workplace.

Team HAPCUS welcomes suggestions and best practices in order to make our workplace safer.
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