Opportunities for packaging material suppliers to explore

by Sukanya on 21/03/2018
Today, e-tailers are sprucing up their packaging to impress customers like never before. After all, packaging creates the first impression when products are delivered at a customer’s doorstep. While good packaging helps secure contents and protects them from transitional hazards, great packaging goes a long way in building brand repute.

With the increase in the number of online businesses owners, the demand for packaging supplies is also on the rise. This only implies what a great business opportunity packaging material suppliers have before them to explore. If you’re planning to become a packaging material supplier, here’s all you need to know about different types of packaging supplies.

5 know-hows of packaging containers

It goes without saying that different products require different types of packaging and it is very important to choose the right packaging material for your product.Here, we help you with the various forms of packaging, just in case you are interested in the details to set-up one of your own supply facilities.

Metal: This is most commonly used for packaging foods, canned foods to be specific, like soft drinks.

Brick Carton: This material is used for perishable items such as milk, juice, etc. However, these cartons are difficult to recycle.

Cardboard/Paper & Board: These materials are lightweight, sturdy, cheap and easy to decorate, hence is a widely used packaging material. Paper and board packaging include boxes, cartons, pulp packs, leaflets, corrugated cases and tubes, etc.

Glass: It is a strong and widely used recyclable product packaging material ideal for liquids.

Plastic: This is one of the most commonly used packaging material and cheap to manufacture as well. However, plastics are difficult to dispose and are not environment friendly.

That packaging materials vary according to packaging need no further mention. Industrial packaging materials differ from standard packaging materials. Apart from different forms of packaging, they also depend on the technical requirement, marketing needs throughout the supply chain and various other criteria. Industrial packaging for healthcare, beauty, and perishable products can be categorised into:

Retail containers: These are mostly for food and beauty products, such as sachets, plastic bottles, glass bottles, over wraps, metal cans, etc. These can also be used for home storage.

Shipping containers: These are mostly used for shipping and distribution of food products and other items like drums, crates, barrels, sacks, foil bags, corrugated fire board cartons or stretch and shrink wrap containers.

That said, with a shift towards sustainable development in e-commerce, ‘green’ packaging materials are also making their way into packaging supplies. Bamboo, cork, and wood are few such materials to have entered the market. To wrap it up, the demand for packaging supplies is constant in the age of e-commerce. Take your pick from the above-mentioned options and become a wholesaler of packaging supplies today. Go ahead and start your own business. Sell on Amazon to reach hundreds of customers nationwide. Not a seller at Amazon yet? Register here today, to begin your online selling journey.

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