Pay-per-click ads are a great brand promotion idea, here’s why

by Pinaz on 16/04/2018
So you have already set sail as an entrepreneur by registering as a seller on Amazon, created your product catalogue, have competitive pricing, shipping and more with Fulfillment by Amazon. You may assume that is all you have to do before orders start flowing in.

You aren’t the only one thinking so in the pool of sellers seeking brand promotion ideas to ramp up their sales. Great products and service sure help any business stand-out from the sea of competitors but visibility to get noticed is critical to boost your sales and grow your business in the exceedingly competitive online marketplace. Grabbing your consumers’ attention, understanding their needs to deliver good value is a key differentiator for success.

So, how can you go about striding through the cacophony to adopt the most relevant brand promotion idea to draw consumers and keep them? The answer lies in adopting strategic advertising products such as, pay-per-click ads with Amazon’s Sponsored Products, a great promotional tool for brand visibility, driving traffic to your products page.

Here we share the top 5 reasons to highlight how your online business can benefit from pay-per-click ads:

Advertising on an online channel – Did you know that 55% of product search begins on Amazon for consumers1? That makes it even more important to feature among the top searches to boost sales. Ditch the traditional modes of high cost advertising. With Amazon’s Sponsored Products, your chosen products get noticed upfront on key pages, directed at target buyers.

Build your own campaign – With the sponsored products, you can customise your own ad campaigns type, category, etc., that will target buyers not viewers. The product detail appearing parallel to the search will help customers discover the brand, drive sales and improve your page ranking through search on Amazon.

Hassle-free process – If you are already a seller on Amazon, you only need to select the product to promote and choose the most relevant keyword for the sponsored ad. On selecting the cost you’re willing to pay, you are all set to boost your business success. The greatest advantage of advertising with Amazon? With no activation or subscriber fees, you only pay for the ads clicked by the consumer. So, as a seller, you don’t need to pay separately for sponsored products’ advertising fees.

Map your success – The mode of advertising allows you to measure the efficacy of the option with detailed reports and dashboards that track performance, so you can know the way to go by optimising the pay-per-click campaign.

Who doesn’t dream of having their products on top of Amazon’s search list? Help more shoppers discover your best products and buy them with pay-per-click advertising as your brand promotion idea. Reduce costs by promoting your products you sell on Amazon with Amazon Sponsored Products. Your prized products from your small business can benefit from repeated searches, reach country-wide audience and scale sales.

Source: PRNewswire: Amazon Grabs 55 Percent of Consumers' First Product Search, Set to Dominate 2016 Holiday Shopping

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