Questions that decide the best e-commerce platform for your business

by Francesca on 20/08/2018
With the e-commerce marketing growing increasingly competitive almost every serious business owner out there wants to claim a share of the game. Here begins the hunt for the best e-commerce platform tailored to one’s business needs. So what is the best place to sell online? Well, the answer to that one depends really on your verdict for the below questions.

What kind of platform integration does it offer?

A lot of software needs to be plugged in seamlessly into the platform you choose. Your order management systems, bookkeeping and financing software are just some of them that you want to keep in mind. These integrations save you a considerable amount of time, energy and costs per month. Planning these checks will reduce the duplication of your efforts, finally resulting in better business efficiency and saved support revenue.

Does it offer advanced technology and analytical support?

Picking the best e-commerce platform is much like picking a vendor. Each vendor offers varying levels of support. How technically equipped are you to run a platform independently? From installing, integration to optimisation based on your specific needs; check whether the platform offers such assistance. Would you like to get an in-depth walkthrough of the latest features? Could the future versions offer you a chance to explore newer markets or channels to sell items online? It is important to have all these queries answered from the start itself.

Does the platform have a user-friendly interface?

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or have a team that helps you manage the site, check if the back-end maintenance of the site is easily understandable by all. From uploading catalogues to creating sitemaps, you will be performing these tasks almost every other day. If you are not a proficient coder, it is best to ensure you sign up for a coding-free website for e-commerce unless you are promised the desired technical support. On a grass root level, ensure that you can upload and update content and run promotions in an effortless manner.

Does it offer seamless checkouts?

One of the most important criteria that help decide if it is the best e-commerce platform for your business is checkouts. Customers who are inconvenienced with a lengthy and complex payment process may never visit your site again even if they are heads over heels about your product. So take care to ensure that the platform you choose supports the e-commerce payment gateway of your choice.

Is it mobile compatible?

This one is more of a mandate and less of an option. With the throng of mobile shoppers increasing almost exponentially, it goes without saying that you need to be where your prospects are. So before you sign up remember to check if your e-commerce platform offers a mobile shopping cart option.

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