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by Yash on 30/04/2018
With the whole world clamouring for the availability of products online, retailers and vendors have not only taken their products online, but even entire stores have been made available for online shoppers. The range of products available on online shopping platforms is mind-boggling. Digital art is an up and coming category of items for sale online. Hence there is absolutely no reason why graphics, digital art and typefaces should not be sold online. They are becoming increasingly popular among online shoppers and the constant demand is an assurance that your investment in this domain stands a chance of reaping good returns.

You may be designing typefaces, graphics or digital artwork as a hobby or professionally. So while you’re at it, why not seize this opportunity and generate some money out of what you have created? Designers across the globe have a constant demand for graphic designs, art, and even typefaces which they can incorporate into their creations to make them more attractive. You now have the opportunity to be the source which provides such solutions, and all you need to know is what is in demand.

Graphic design

Graphic designs are a form of art which serve a definite purpose and is usually not open to interpretation. This art-form involves a creative and organised plan to achieve a specific objective or to find solutions to certain issues and problems, with the use of images, symbols and even words. Graphic design is hence a form of visual communication, where ideas, thoughts and concepts are represented and brought to life with the help of graphics tools and elements. Graphic designs have become increasingly popular among designers working in varied spheres, due to their efficiency in delivering a message. This ensures that there will always be a thriving market if you decide to sell your graphic designs online.


In an age of visual communication, typefaces are always in demand. The simplest way to differentiate between fonts and typefaces is to think of them as a song and an album, where the former makes up the latter. Once you have created an original typeface, if you are inclined to sell your creation online, you can be assured that there will always be designers and creative directors who will be inclined to buy from you and use it in their creations. All you have to do is perfect your craft, get your typefaces on an online platform, and wait for the profits to start flowing in.

Digital art prints

These are digital copies of art prints that have been designed using tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Being an online retailer of this art-form is beneficial for both you the artist and for the client who wishes to purchase. If you choose to sell your digital art prints online, instead of mailing them out to your customers, all you have to do is mail your client the art, and he or she can get it printed at their convenience and get a print of their choice.

This saves you the trouble of getting it printed, getting it packed and then mailing it. This brings down the cost of the product significantly and clients are likely to keep coming back for more. A wide variety of these digital art prints are now available to choose from and your art can surely be a hit if you can find the right market and bring your products online.

These three are the most sought after products in the categories of digital and graphic creations and you can boost your profit margins by a significant amount if you start selling them online. Consider Anjita Solanki, who driven by her passion for art and her determination to do things differently became a successful seller of art online. You can follow her footsteps and start marketing your digital art. All you need to do is register with Amazon, and you can be on your way to becoming a successful retailer of digital art online.

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