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Promote your products on various social media platform using the newly launched social media sharing button

by Swati Bucha and Vamsee Dilli on 04/06/2018
Amazon India recently launched ‘Social Sharing’ feature on the Amazon Seller App. It is an India-first feature for Amazon Sellers to help them promote their products on various social media platforms. With this feature, sellers can directly share their listings with friends, family and followers on social media via your smartphone using the Amazon Seller App and increase the chances of getting orders.

Benefits of social sharing on Amazon Seller App

Get more views on your products: One of the reasons for not getting an order is not getting sufficient views on your listings or products that you intend to sell on Amazon. Social sharing feature provides you with the ease of getting more views on your products thereby, increasing the chances of getting more orders.

Increase visibility on your new listings: Listing unique products enhance the chances of getting orders. However, informing about the new listings is also very important. The social sharing feature on the Amazon Seller App makes it very easy for the online sellers to inform their friends, family and followers on social media.

Keep offline customers updated: To improve the views on your listings, you can leverage your contacts on various social media groups as well as phone directory. You can share your products with your offline customers via SMS or Whatsapp and keep them updated on your new products.

Create a chain of your followers: This feature will help you create an endless chain of followers on social media. If your followers like your products, they will themselves share your listings within their groups, those groups might share within their groups, and this will become a virtuous cycle.
Steps to use social sharing feature on Amazon Seller App

You can download the App from Google Play Store or iOS Store and follow the below steps to use this feature.

Step:1 Click on ‘Manage Inventory’ on the home screen.

Step:2 Select the listing to share.

Step:3 On the 'Inventory tab' click 'Share Listing'
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