Simplified shipping settings widget for sellers registering on Amazon Seller App

by Vamsee Dilli and Swati Bucha on 28/06/2018
Amazon Seller Services launched Simplified Shipping Settings widget on Amazon Seller App enabling newly registered sellers to set shipping rates they want to charge their customers. The widget allows sellers to choose between offering free shipping or setting shipping rates for Easy Ship (ES) or self-ship (MFN) depending on sellers shipping preference.

With this feature, mobile sellers would be able to set the amount that they want to charge the customers for shipping their products while launching their seller account on Amazon. During the new seller registration process on Seller App, sellers will be able to set shipping rates through a simplified shipping settings widget on the Launch Dashboard. Depending on the shipping preference specified by the sellers during registration, they would be able to set shipping rates for ES or MFN orders or chose to provide free shipping. Sellers would be able to edit shipping rates/change the shipping criteria by going to ‘Shipping Settings” inside Seller Central after they have completed the launch process.

So what are you waiting for? Just register with us, list your products, and choose how to deliver them via the Amazon Seller App. Receive payments easily through a system that automatically settles your account balance only 14 days after registration.

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