Six low and no-cost marketing ideas for small businesses

by Bisakha on 07/08/2018
You’ve to spend money to make more of it, especially in marketing. But if you have only a limited budget to market your business, these marketing ideas for small businesses can help you get the best marketing bang with your limited buck.

#1 Create a blog for your business

Remember: Content is king.

If you’re wondering where to publish your content, do it on your blog. However, don’t focus on simply one type of content; instead, divide your strategy into various types of content like photos, GIFs, and videos. Every piece of content you publish has the potential to go viral and create a bigger market for your products.

Just ensure that you’re blogging regularly.

#2 Market to existing customers

Marketing to existing customers is a great way of improving the bottom line in your business. You know these people will buy from you, so all you have to do is ensure they become repeat customers.

When a customer buys your product, ask him/her if you can add them to your email list. Once you’re done adding, send them your inventory updates, coupons, and exciting news or offers on your products. Send emails regularly to keep your business in their minds and give them opportunities to purchase from you again.

#3 Start a customer referral programme

Offering your existing customers a free product or any other reward for referring your products to new customers is among the best marketing ideas for small businesses. Remember, the word-of-mouth is powerful, so a customer telling his/her friends and acquaintances about your business will turn out to be incredibly lucrative for your business.

#4 Tap into the influencer community

One of the expert marketing ideas for small businesses is to get influencers to talk about your business and products. We’re in an age and time when customers make decisions on the basis of what others recommend. It can be low cost as it’s not always about getting a celebrity rather influencers are everyday people whom others trust.

#5 Prioritise social media

Social media has consistently been driving changes in how we communicate. With free social media platforms, you can easily engage with interested customers. So, if you’re not yet on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, it’s time you sign up.

Try hosting social media contests. You’ll need to spend some money on a prize or two, but the number of participants and potential leads you will get is going to be worth the price. Don’t panic even if you’re really tight on budget. You don’t need a super expensive prize to attract participants. Even a couple of pretty notebooks, fancy backpacks or phone covers will be enough to attract new users while retaining old ones.

#6 Be social and in person

It goes without saying that every business needs to have a strong presence on social media. However, don’t underestimate the importance of being social in your local community.

Yes, it’s time to step out of your house or office cubicle and socialise with local businesses. Attend and host local “meetups” in your local market and get active in speaking at these events. You could also try partnering with vendors who can use your story at their conferences.

Here are a few additional tips before you begin marketing your small business:

Understand the firmographics

Know your target audience before deciding the strategies you’re going to use. If you’re selling to other businesses, research on the types of companies you’re targeting. Are they clustered along specific industries? The better you understand these, the better your engagement strategies can be.

Use positive language while marketing

Talk about how your products can simplify the lives of your customers or the likely results for your customers. Talk to them from their perspective and, obviously, not yours.

Last but not least: Be passionate about marketing

Remember, the more passion, the better the return.

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