Start a business online by selling these popular books

by Souvik on 11/04/2018
If you are looking to start a business online, you may want to give selling books a try. With the emergence of technology, books have gone from hard copies to soft copies. However, interest surrounding books have remained the same. Be it an electronic version or the hard copy, an interesting book is still the preferred gift for many on special occasions.

When it comes to selling books, you may want to try the following categories for gaining success:

Romantic fiction

A well-written book on romance is likely to do well, considering the high level of demand for the genre in the global market. Irrespective of the geographic location and age group, people find a romantic story heart touching and usually consider it as a worthwhile investment. In terms of selling, the idea is to find the right mix of established authors and talented new writers for a balanced ROI.

Science fiction

Modern technology has affected our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Concepts such as the Internet of Things (IoT), which was once a fantasy, are now becoming a reality. This has made us wonder more about our future, allowing writers to use their creativity to take us back to the fantasy world. Books written on science fiction are thus likely to do well in the market.

Biographies & autobiographies

Biographies and autobiographies of celebrities always do well. Fans love to read about their idols. As a seller, you can make excellent use of this craze by showcasing biographies and autobiographies of popular celebrities. One important thing to note in this regard is to identify the correct geographic location and age group to target.


Academic books are bound to have a well-defined market and steady demand. You can make the most of this steady demand by selling academic and reference books online. However, you may have to face stiff competition from other online and offline players in this regard. You may want to offer high discounts to attract customers and penetrate a larger market share.

As far as books are concerned, you can start selling one or multiple categories as a beginner. Wondering how to sell books online? Read our step-by-step guide for a proper understanding of the subject.

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