Starting a business in India with your own athleisure label

by Francesca on 21/03/2018
Have you gone for a morning jog lately? If you have, you would have definitely noticed women wearing neon bras coupled with mesh tank tops and men in ankle tight gym pants. The zeal for merging fitness and fashion is no more just a trend waiting to meet its end at the bottom-most drawer of the closet.

So if you are a budding entrepreneur looking for hot trending items to sell online under your own athleisure label, firstly check out Amazon’s Affiliate Program, not just for the company’s renown, but for the competitive benefits it offers to aspiring e-sellers.

Next, if you are starting a business in India check out these quick nuggets of wisdom that will guide you in creating your own successful athleisure private label:

Feel the market pulse

Before plunging into manufacturing it’s vital that you analyse the market and keep yourself abreast with the latest trend. Most of the millennial clan these days are choosing bright-colored, sublimated tees while women looking to flaunt those deserving abs are opting for bralettes. These are more breathable and make for an apt fit for both yoga and gym training. Solid, bold, and neon colors make them look charmingly aesthetic to say the least.

Hunt for the best manufacturers or wholesalers

This one’s not as difficult as it sounds. If you are a fashion designer with some cool, handy sketches that you believe are different, all you need to do is find the right fabric, a competitively priced wholesaler and a professional seamstress. Voila. You will have a great line of items to sell in no time.

You don’t necessarily have to invest in the whole process of creating these apparel. Simply look out for a manufacturer producing the latest patterns using quality fabric, find the minimum order and add your own label on it. With time, most manufacturers are known to reward you with discounts for your loyalty. This will help increase your margins and pass on the benefits to your customers as well.

Pick a concept that helps distinguish your brand

When starting a business in India or anywhere in the world it is incredibly important that your brand does not get lost in the crowd. The only way to ensure this is to choose a concept, a feeling that you want your customers to relate to, when they see your line of clothing. Dare to be different, because most fashion-fitness wearers are aiming to express just that through their style.

Offer customisations

Fitness is a rage and people want to flaunt it anywhere possible, either as an individual or as a team. So give your label an edge by offering customisations. Indulge your customers with the freedom to play around with logos, print designs, colors, styles and of course sizes. You never know when you would land with a flood of bulk orders for a cricket or a football team.

Take note of these tips and make sure you check them all before venturing into any serious decision-making. If you are starting a business in India you could begin by registering with Amazon to reap the full benefits of a fashionably fit audience looking to upgrade their wardrobe.

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