Starting a business in India: Learn customers' habits

by Agnishekhar on 16/04/2018
The online retail space has experienced a massive growth following the digital revolution. Today, setting up an online shop is as templatised as setting up a website. However, making the shop efficient from a shopper’s perspective is a whole different question.

Customers are the cynosure of any retail business, which is why it is of utmost importance to give their habits and preferences top priority to help your business grow. A few things can greatly help in securing the primary satisfaction of your prospective customers. One of these is the visual appeal and extent of functionality of your platform. An online retail space that is difficult to navigate results in a confused buyer which further translates to loss of potential salability of your products.

Having said that, reaching out to customers can only result in effective sales conversion through familiarity of their shopping habits. While there is no way to predict the dynamic customer preferences, there are certain tips that can help in guiding your online retail business model.

1. Gender of targeted demographics: This is an important factor to bear in mind considering the difference in shopping habits among men and women. For example, when it comes to shopping, women prefer a more researched purchase route through visuals, forums, and feedback. Men, on the other hand, tend to prefer a more simplified purchase route. This means they look for more detailed product descriptions and customer reviews. While this is not an empirical formula to study the behavioral pattern, it can be implemented over a wide range of shopping experiences.

2. The multi-device factor: The rise of mobile devices such as the smartphone and tablet has revolutionised the way customers interact with an online retail platform. The rise of multi-device browsing is demanding that online retailers create a uniform shopping experience across devices.

3. Considering research habits: One of the most important factors affecting the customers’ overall shopping behavior is their pre-purchase research. The reach of the internet is a two way street. The ease of access granted by the internet has prompted the present-day customer to research their purchases. In fact reports suggest 81% of online shoppers do their research1. Some of the most effective sources of information are social media sites, forums, customer reviews, and ratings. Thus, encouraging testimonials can prove to be a decisive factor here.

4. The millennial trend: Perhaps the most influential factors acting up the present-day customer dynamics is the rise of the millennial shopper. Millennials follow a different shopping pattern than, say, the Generation X shopper. However, millennials are looking for the same thing as any other shopper: the right deal. In fact, nearly all millennial shoppers exhibit a similar or even higher sensitivity to price year on year. Another major trend noticed is the preference of higher rebates over instant discounts.

That said, creating a friendly environment for the customer goes a long way in terms of building the credibility of a business, and this is where, online retail has a definitive advantage of brick-and-mortar solutions. The online space is expansive and can easily be used to extend the global reach of the seller.

These are only a few of the things to bear in mind when trying to understand the behavior of consumers online. That being said, every shopper must be treated as a unique individual. Devising a strategy can be extensive along those terms. Thankfully, you can register yourself as an Amazon Seller and let us do all the hard work for your business. Leverage the Amazon advantage today to boost your online retail business and join the e-commerce bandwagon today.


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