Starting a business in India? Seasonal decorations could be a hit

by Poorvi on 30/04/2018
It must have occurred to you long back that people are almost always celebrating something. Think Easter, Christmas, Diwali, Holi or even Halloween—what may have started as customs or practices for particular cultural groups became popularised over the decades. To the extent that these occasions are now celebrated by people across geographies and in such grand manner.

Since people started observing these occasions, they tried incorporating the essentials that these occasions required to make it true to original practices. Say for instance, on Diwali, if you don’t have enough diyas around you, you are probably not capturing the spirit of the festival.

All celebratory events call for meeting friends and family, so all the more reason why people go out of their way to decorate their houses or wherever the party is taking place.

Now, if you have been considering starting a business in India, how about you sell seasonal decorations and make profit throughout the year? Seasonal decorations don’t go out of fashion if you make small upgrades to the existing offerings—a change in packaging or even advertising can keep it ready for the next event.

Here’s a list of items that can be great for starting a business in India and selling on more than one occasion:

Cinnamon stick candles

Candles are one thing that can be used to decorate anything. In fact, if there has been no time to make prior arrangements, all one needs to do is light a few candles. Be it a particular summer event or a late winter dinner party, candles can bring dull décor and mood to life.

However, most people are too accustomed to the regular candles that are available in the market. So, if you really want to grab some eyeballs, start thinking of unique products. For example, cinnamon stick candles are unlike a lot of things people have seen before. Apart from looking extraordinary, the burning cinnamon also emits a beautiful scent, something your customers will keep coming back to you for.

Scrap wood hanger

These are plain useful. These hangers not only serve as a decorating piece but also help when guests want to hang their coat or bag. Think about how little you need to invest for this—scrap wood is available everywhere. Paint is not expensive. Even if all your products are sold out, and a customer orders another, you wouldn’t even need time making one.

Additionally, you could keep repainting the same pieces in case there are extra, making them suitable for upcoming festivals.

Hand-painted cutlery

Hand-painted cutlery is exclusive. There are two primary reasons why you should be offering them to your customers. One, food is an integral part of any celebration and serving food in just about any cutlery will take away half the essence. And two, festivity specific cutlery are not widely available.

Since there is no dearth of events people celebrate, you can never run out of things to paint on this cutlery before selling them.

Mason jar decors

These have been the centre of attention for a while now. Not just decors, they have been extensively used for serving cakes and juices. A lot of people buy Mason jar products simply because they can be repurposed later on. This is why you could consider using these glass jars to either make different kinds of décor. Remember, minimalist décor is being talked about a lot lately.

For instance, during Holi you could make gradients using a powdered colour that can certainly be played with. Similarly, for Diwali, you could have tiny lights, paper messages or pompoms in them.

You can get as creative as you wish to with seasonal decor. Before starting a business in India, Do your market research well and figure out what festivals people celebrate and what kind of décor they prefer. Once you have a good stock of things to be sell, you should look for a reliable online platform that can make the selling process seamless for you. Register on Amazon at Amazon and get access to millions of people across geographies and if you are worried about theft of your intellectual property, enrol under Amazon Brand Registry.

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