Starting a new business in the financial capital of India

by Priyanka on 15/05/2018
The financial and commercial hub of India, Mumbai, generates around 6.16% of the total GDP of the country* and so, when it comes to starting a new business in the city, you need to make the most of your capabilities and derive the optimum advantage out of your business ideas. In this fiercely competitive marketplace, make sure you’re paying attention to evolving demands, emerging technologies, and new avenues for selling your products.

To launch you own e-commerce startup in a fast paced city like Mumbai, you must:

Test the business climate.

Perform extensive market research.

Create a detailed business plan.

Focus on your branding and advertising.

Customise your products per your target audience base.

There are numerous ways to break into the e-commerce scene. You may try the following ideas?

Grocery delivery: You can start a store-to-door delivery service, wherein you charge a certain fee depending on where and what your customer orders. Customers can register online and avail the services. You can start this independently by add the online sales channel instead of an existing brick-and-mortar store.

Used furniture: You’ll be surprised at the number of people who opt for second-hand furniture. You can collect used pieces, and remodel and sell them online. If you already have a furniture business in place, you can dedicate a section to sell to interested parties. You will need to ensure that the products are in good condition before it is sent out for delivery to the customer. You can also stock quirky, vintage pieces, which have their own niche buyer groups.

Online nursery: You can open your online nursery and home deliver exotic plants to customers. Try to include a wide selection of plants at competitive prices. You can also customise your offerings to suit the needs to of your target group.

Costume & Accessory supplies: This is one area that has tremendous business potential in Mumbai. With many studios running 24/7, production houses are always on the lookout for costume suppliers, jewellery, hair accessories, etc. for actors in soap operas, films, etc. You can start a costume supply chain, or dress rentals and cater to this niche but thriving group of customers.

The Amazon Advantage

It’s been widely established that Mumbai is the land of opportunities for anyone who dares to dream and struggle to make it a reality. By partnering with Amazon, you will have access to the necessary platform and tools to navigate this rapidly evolving business landscape. Our managed services gives you the necessary support when it comes to displaying your products to customers across the globe. What are you waiting for then? Register with us and open your seller portal to get your business idea rolling.

*Source: Wikipedia: Economy of Mumbai

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