Stay competitive by Viewing Offers from other Sellers on the Amazon Seller App

by Swati Bucha and Tabish Altaf on 24/04/2018
How much do you know about your competition? As an online seller, you would certainly wish to know more about your competition’s habits, the prices they are setting, the offers they are giving, among other things. The more you know about the behaviour of your competition, the more competitively you can set prices for your products. So before you start listing your products on Amazon, it is of prime importance that you keep a tab on the prices set by your competition.

With the Amazon Seller App, you can ‘View Offers’ created by other sellers. You can simply select any existing offer or add a new price-competitive offer to start selling on Amazon. Follow the steps mentioned below to view offers from other sellers on Amazon.


Click on ‘Add a product’ and select ‘Top Sellers’.


Choose any category and select a product.


View the offers and click on ‘Sell’ to start selling.

With the ‘View Offers’ feature available on the Amazon Seller App, it becomes easier for you to stay ahead of your competition and manage your business seamlessly. To experience this convenience, download the Amazon Seller App from Google Play Store and iOS App store. However, if you are not yet registered on Amazon, register now and start selling on Amazon.

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