Tips to follow while onboarding a payment gateway provider

by Bisakha on 29/08/2018
As a business owner, if you have gotten a customer up to the checkout line, chances are high that you have done certain things right— attracted the right customer, proven yourself to be a trustworthy business owner, offered a desirable product and provided the support as well as the information required to close a deal.

However, it is too soon to declare that the “job is well done” because the job isn’t actually quite done. Accepting payments is a critical part of the transaction—one that wields the same power as any other step. If it is not handled properly, the deal could easily fall apart.

For e-commerce platforms particularly, the matter of how to accept payments online should be considered to be a part of your overall business strategy. To help you with the same, below are a few tips and tricks to follow while onboarding payment gateway providers:

#1 Register on an e-commerce platform that runs sign-ups online — meaning that your customers do not have to go through the maze of multiple paper forms and continue running their businesses seamlessly.

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A convoluted sign-up process inevitably indicates that everything else will also be complicated, so look for an e-commerce platform like Amazon with a payment gateway provider which makes it quick and straightforward right from the start.

#2 Look for an e-commerce platform. A platform that boasts a flawless onboarding API, helps customers set up their merchant account with little or no hassle at all and prevents duplication as it pre-populates fields they have already gathered information for. The best options should ideally exist on the e-commerce platform you are selling with so that customers are not re-directed and enjoy a streamlined sign-up experience.

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When business owners are asked to sign up for their services, they want to keep the process as simple as possible. The payment gateway provider should also fit right in. If your customers have already entered their contact information, why should they have to enter it all once again when they are applying to accept payments?

#3 Sell on Amazon. If you are a business owner selling on Amazon, here’s the good news: Amazon Pay underwrites and assumes all risks on customers’ accounts. Other payment gateway providers may simply turn the risk toward your business.

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When you’re selecting a payment gateway provider to work with, ensure to shortlist one which can take on the risk of your customers.

An easy and well-designed onboarding procedure is a sign of a great payment gateway provider. Features like a trouble-free sign-up process, onboarding APIs and scope of customization attract customers and convince them to accept payments straight away.

Looking for a payment gateway provider who ticks off all these boxes? You guessed it right; it’s Amazon. All you need to do is, register on Amazon today and we’ll help you reach your goals. We hope this guide comes in handy.

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