7 pro tips to get ready for Amazon Prime Day 2020

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Is your business running low?
Are you looking for an opportunity to get that boost?
An opportunity to get more orders and move your inventory?

The answer to all your questions is coming soon. Amazon’s Prime Day Sale 2020.

Amazon India Prime Day is coming soon. And this year, given the pandemic and lockdown situation, it has become even more significant. Customers must be eagerly waiting to get their hands on new products and try new things. Having stayed indoors for so many months, a change is all what everyone is looking for and this as a seller gives you an opportunity to grow business and make good money.

So, it’s time to get ready for one of our biggest sale events coming ahead. But, are you thinking about the best strategy to make the most out of it? Well, here are some tips that may help you to make this a huge success for your business.

1. Become a Prime Seller

If you’re not a Prime Seller already, it is the perfect time to join the Prime family. The biggest benefit of being a Prime seller is that, during the Prime sale, people come looking for Prime products which offer one-day and two-day deliveries. And if you become one, you get unlimited one-day and two-day delivery options. With that, you also secure your prime badge which increases the visibility of your products and show up higher in search results. For a fact, in Prime Day 2019, Prime customers bought from thousands of small sellers who saw a 67% increase in their sales. Enlist your products listed as prime items today to potentially surge your product visibility and sale.

2. Get your inventory ready

How’d you feel if people like your product and they want to buy but it’s out of stock?

You don’t want to miss that train full of opportunities and sales. Demand increases significantly during the sale periods. Make sure that your inventory is all ready before you set out for this Prime Day. To get rid of the hassles of the operations, you can leave it all to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Just stock up on your inventory in one of Amazon's nearest Fulfillment Centers (FCs) by 30th July and Amazon will take care of your orders, customer service, and returns. It gives you time to focus on creating attractive deals for your customers. You can now try FBA for free and avail all its benefits for your Prime Day Sales.
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3. Competitive Pricing & Buy Box

For customers, the sale is all about getting the lowest price for good-quality products. But for you, it is both - providing premium discounts and gaining good business. You have to be careful about your competition here. You need to set competitive prices for your products to achieve the balance. Amazon’s Automatic pricing tool helps you automate your product price for the upcoming sale.

Setting a competitive price also makes you eligible for Buy Box, as it depends on how better your product is priced than other sellers. Buy Box is the ‘Buy Now’ button on the product page. And people either directly click on it to buy your product or save it in their cart. You need to win the Buy Box to appear first on the product detail page. So if people land to your product page, and they like your discounts, you might get a direct sale there.

So to sum up, setting competitive pricing increases your chances of winning the Buy Box, and getting Buy Box gets you more clicks for purchase, and hence, potentially more sales.

4. Create lightning deals

Lightning deals appear on the Amazon Deals page just for a few hours. These are the deals curated by Amazon and are given the best position, depending on the best price, quantity, and inventory. Since these deals are available for a limited time, people hop on to make the most out of these and buy more products. This means getting your offers on the Deals page can be quite profitable. Submit your deals beforehand and have an opportunity to get some major sales.

You can easily create your lightning deals. Amazon suggests the list of recommended products for you. These products are based on their reviews, eligibility, FBA, and variation of products.

5. Sponsored Products for more visibility

Getting your products identified by the customers is most important for Prime Day. Crores of customers come on Amazon for this mega sale. Sponsoring your products is a great way of getting those eyeballs on your products. Customers who discover your products during the sale can become repeat buyers too after the event. If you’re already using Sponsored Products, you can consider increasing your budget. If not, register your products for sponsored ads now. Get your products on the top searches of your customers and increase your chances of getting sales.
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6. Offer delightful coupons

Coupons are the best way to attract a customer. The bright orange coupon tags catch everyone’s attention and may compel people to look at the product. Amazon customers can find these coupons at various places like:

● Amazon’s Coupons home page
● Search results
● Sponsored Products ads
● Product pages
● Shopping cart or wishlist
● Offer listings page
● Your brand store

People can hardly miss out on your discounts with your attractive coupons popping up everywhere. In fact, these eye-catching tags are also a great way to make your Sponsored Products more visible. Also, many people tend to save products in their carts or wishlist and then see if there’s any price drop. Finding the discount coupon on your product may drive them to buy it. More visibility increases the chances of you getting sales.

Pro tip: A coupon becomes active two days after you create it, so plan accordingly and get your discount game ready.
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7. Increase your listing

Even if you’re doing everything right for your products, you need to make sure that you’re going that extra mile to churn out good business from this sale. Because competition is at its peak, and especially at events like Prime Day sales, you have to step up your game.

Products that used to sell heavily a few months back, may not be a priority for people now. The needs have changed almost overnight. It may be helpful if you have a few essential products in your listing as that’s what’s trending right now. Try to include different varieties of products with sufficient inventory to increase your listing capacity. This may not only help you get more chances of sales during the event but is also a good growth strategy as you move ahead.
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These are the 7 tips to attract more sales this Amazon Prime Day. People are all excited for this upcoming Prime Day and they might have even shortlisted their desired products. This is a big opportunity for existing sellers to offer great deals and a good headstart for the new sellers. Get your well-performing products in action, optimize your product details, and promote as much as you can. Make sure you’re doing everything right, and of course, do not forget to follow these special tips!

Happy selling!
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