What a good idea looks like - Amazon Seller! Top online business ideas for you.

You might have heard of or know the world of online selling business. As alluring the online world seems, it can be equally confusing as to how to start and what to sell. Of course, you have to identify your domain of interest to start and grow your business.
Amazon is selling more than 3 billion products online globally. In India, that count has reached 45 million.
If you are new and looking for some business ideas to establish your online presence, then you have landed at just the right place. Here are a few ideas to give a kick start to your online business.

1. Books

Are you a bookworm who loves reading and is keen to share knowledge? Then what better way to share your learning than on Amazon? In 2018, around 28 million books were sold by Amazon in India alone. This shows the huge demand for books among readers. Amazon Kindle has been one big step in making reading feasible anywhere anytime.

If you love writing about anything - fiction, history, biographies, comics, romantics, then selling those self-published books is a great way to start your online seller journey. People like reading a fresh piece of writing and looking at new perspectives.

But even if you don’t write, you can become an established Amazon bookseller in no time. You can have your own curated collection of books of different genres and categories - best-sellers, old classics, new releases, etc. to help readers find their favorite books.
Sell books online on amazon.in

2. Shoes

If you are obsessed with shoes and your love for them knows no boundaries, then it’s time you start making some money from it as well. What if you could personalize a pair of shoes for each consumer as per their needs and likes? Wouldn’t that be something every Amazon buyer might want? Customization is trending among millennials. They look for unique prints, colors, and styles. So, tap on it to be a unique Amazon seller by providing what people love.

You can also provide a collection of special shoes like those needed for medical treatments. For example, many people have flat feet who need orthotic insoles to walk comfortably. Serving for such needs can build a niche consumer base very fast and help increase your sales.
Sell shoes online on amazon.in
Sell shoes online on amazon.in
Sell shoes online on amazon.in
Sell shoes online on amazon.in

3. Electronics

When it comes to electronics, you might think how is this a business idea? The established brands are already selling every gadget out there, from the cheapest light bulb to the expensive televisions. So how are you going to succeed selling electronics online? But we are not talking about these standard products, instead, the more functional ones.

The perfect example to answer that is Amazon Launchpad. It's a program initiated to support budding startups with their cutting-edge products. These are products that aim to make your life easier. A few examples are bike mobile holder and charger, headphones, rotating pen stand, programmable robot kit to learn to code, to name a few.

Starting an online business with such gadgets is a very good option if you are a tech geek. Selling your products on Amazon also validates your technology and motivates you to improve and build new ones.
Sell electronics online on amazon.in

4. Beauty and Skincare

Beauty and skincare are among those products which people constantly need. This market is always profitable and is expected to touch $20 billion by 2025. It is among the top five categories on Amazon India.

Being an expert in understanding the needs of different skin and hair types opens tremendous opportunities in the cosmetics world. It’s a cherry on the cake if you love exploring new organic and home-made recipes for better skincare. Millennials are more into organic skincare products with minimal or no chemicals to keep their skin safer. So, selling home-made or organic products is going to make you a popular seller and of course, more money.
Sell beauty and skin care online on amazon.in

5. Home Decor

Shifting to a new home or revamping the existing place can get hectic. Most of the people do not know where to start and how to make a perfect home. Having an eye for those interior details is a talent not everyone has.

Placing standard furniture and other essential stuff is easier, but the difficulty comes in the little details. Like matching the drapes with the furniture and theme of the room, getting the ideal closet, putting accessories to brighten up space.

Beautifully embroidered cushion covers, antique artifacts, elegant night lights, wall paintings, etc. are some of the few home decor items people seek. If your expertise lies in manufacturing any of these categories, then you might help hundreds and thousands of people decorate their dream place and become rich for yourself.
Sell home decor online on amazon.in
While these are just a few tips to help you get started with the online business, you can always explore new ideas. This is our little effort to guide you through the process. Having a unique business idea means identifying the gaps in the market of your interest and catering to the consumers.

See how our successful sellers are changing their lives by simple yet brilliant business ideas.

The important thing is that you must know your business inside out. Doing business online can be much easier if you are clear about what you like to do. It helps in doing your research to understand and grow your business with time.
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