Exploring new possibilities: Unique business ideas for women entrepreneurs in India

by Laboni on 25/06/2018
Shilpa hails from the Bhiwani in Haryana. Born into a conservative family, her parents wanted a sheltered life for their daughter. Like most Indian parents, they wanted Shilpa to marry and settle down. But, Shilpa had dreams to chase. She finished her MBA, refused a teaching job and came all the way to Delhi chasing her dreams. The toil of a 9-5 job was not what she wanted from life. She wanted to be her own boss, to run her own business. On Amazon, she gave wings to her dreams. At 24, Shilpa Jariwal is a successful woman entrepreneur. She’s not alone.

Times have changed. Entrepreneurship no longer remains a single gender dominated domain. More and more women are getting into e-business, exploring unforeseen opportunities. If you too are one such lady with aspirations, put on your battle garb and consider making your debut as a digital entrepreneur. Amazon’s well-known marketplace and all-round seller support services is the platform you need to head to, but more on that later.

By now, you must be wondering which products are the best to start-off with. Truth be told, the e-commerce marketplace is saturated with a wide variety of FMCG products. Though there are plenty of product ideas to choose from, why not choose those that can help fellow woman in their daily lives? Here’s a few unique business ideas for women that you can take your pick from:

#1 Lingerie line

Lingerie forms an integral part every woman’s life. From teenaged girls to working women and home-makers, everybody needs lingerie. Lingerie requirements vary from age to occasion, comfort, and a host of other factors. Lingerie is as unique as individuals can be. It is a product idea with ample scope of diversification and experimentation. Setting up your own lingerie store is a great place to embark on your seller journey. You can begin at a small scale by creating a particular category of products. For example, you can begin with maternity bras. Once your sales volume peaks, you can add and expand your inventory.

#2 Eco-friendly menstrual products

In our country, menstrual hygiene still remains a grave concern. But did you know that most of the sanitary products available in the market are non-biodegradable? The accumulation of menstrual waste is a raging concern of today. The solution? Reusable, healthier version of sanitary napkins and tampons: washable cloth napkins and menstrual cups. Of course you’ll be catering to a niche customer base, but armed with the right marketing tricks and good product placement, you can help your contemporaries not only lead a healthy lifestyle but reduce environmental pollution.

#3 Pepper sprays

For hundreds of women braving the streets every day road safety is tantamount to how well they can protect themselves. Pepper sprays come to the rescue. Portable, lightweight, easy to use and potent, a can of pepper spray is every woman’s best friend. As a woman entrepreneur, you can consider selling the same. Again, you’ll only be catering to a specific gender but ensuring safety and security of fellow women.

These three product ideas are our top picks for feisty women entrepreneurs to set-off on their journey. As a woman entrepreneur, you can make a difference by employing women workers in executing your product ideas. Once you’re ready to roll, register on Amazon. Let Amazon’s team of industry experts and professionals guide you on your journey. It’s just one of the many perks of doing Amazon ke sath business. Don’t wait. Get, set, and go today!

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