Weave your unique business idea in India with handloom

by Pinaz on 07/08/2018
Who doesn’t fancy a Khadi? Benarasi silk? Or even a Kanjeevaram?

These traditional weaves are unique, eco-friendly, of the highest quality, and reflect the diversity and richness of Indian culture. Handloom is also one of the most promising industries with a global business potential, because of the ever-increasing demand locally and worldwide. One of the greatest differentiators, it employs close to 10 lakh artisans in India1. It clearly is an answer to what to sell online.

Far from being a dying industry, the sector is undergoing a breakthrough transformation and that is an opportunity to sail your ship as a solopreneur by starting a small business.

Promoting Indian handlooms and textiles on a global platform such as Amazon could bring the artisans’ talent to the fore and provide them with a sustainable livelihood.

India has a rich handloom legacy that is time, labour and cost intensive. Earlier, traditional artisans had to depend on fairs and tourists to sell their wares.

But, with the boom of e-commerce, they now have a channel to buy and sell online with low investment, find appreciative buyers around the world, boost sales and get big returns.

Do you sniff a unique business idea in India right here?

Think about Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg? Oh yes…Elon Musk?

All these remarkably successful entrepreneurs had one thread in common: The faith that their ambitious idea of starting a new business had bursting potential, which would eventually translate into a bounty-full. A more than bounty-full it did surely, right?

Still procrastinating?

Instead, let the dreamy entrepreneur in you aspire for an online selling business by helping handicraft artisans or your own textile business make a paradigm shift and reach a wider audience. Don’t let the ‘how’ of the process daunt you. Amazon, the best place to sell online through its Fulfillment by Amazon Program will don the role of a pied piper for the same by providing a robust, online platform on which you can sell directly to global and local buyers. Watch how weavers from Pochampally have capitalised on something they believed in.

The FBA Program simplifies selling online by taking charge of all the logistic requirements, right from cataloguing, and inventory management to packing and even shipping. So, you can divert all your focus on the unique business idea to sell handloom items online in India with great ease and optimum return. To further support your sell-able idea, Amazon’s Third Party Service Provider Network could provide assistance for a host of services from advertising, to finding professionals and more.

Let your business transcend geographical boundaries and reach millions of buyers around the world with Amazon’s Global Selling platform. Register now as a seller with Amazon. Already a seller? Enrol for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) as your partner to simplify and grow your journey as a solopreneur, by promoting the finest handloom that will resonate with the local and global audiences.

Source: The Hindu Business Line: Dream handlooms-Contrary to perception, its future is bright

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