Wondering what to sell online? Try maternity wear

by Swetasree on 15/05/2018
Pregnancy today is all about celebrating motherhood in style. Expectant mothers no longer wear clothes that are a few sizes larger. In fact, resorting to plus size clothing during the second and third trimester is now a thing of the past.

Expectant women prefer having a wardrobe that’s been sourced from a dedicated maternity boutique. The good thing about such specialty stores is that they sell everything related to maternity and motherhood under one roof. This includes clothing, shoes, body care supplies, undergarments, as well as breastfeeding gear.

So if you are exploring business ideas and thinking about what to sell online, start a maternity boutique of your own. It is bound to be a fulfilling and lucrative at the same time.

There are several things you can do to help ensure your business's success. Here’s listing a step-by-step guide to setting it up:

Establishing a niche for yourself

Before everything else, you should have a clear idea as to what type of maternity boutique you want to open. For instance, you could be opening a designer store, an upscale one, a boutique, a store for plus-sized woman, or even a second-hand maternity store since most of these clothes can only be used for a limited period of time and might as well be reused for the greater cause of sustainability.

Obtaining licenses

Your retail endeavour will need a few licenses to establish its legitimacy. This includes a resale permit, an assumed name certificate, and a trade license, among several others.

Sourcing boutique inventories

Next, you’ll need to source inventory for your maternity boutique. For that you have to figure out exactly what to sell online. List out your offerings and source inventory accordingly. You could be opening wholesale accounts with distributers and manufacturers of clothing and gear. You could be browsing classified maternity wear advertisements. If you have a team of skilled tailors, you could be making the garments in-house.

Creating your online store

Creating an online store or selling on an Internet auction is far less expensive than setting up a brick-and-mortar store. Your customer outreach, sales, and revenue will naturally be higher. Once your online business kicks off, you can establish an offline version of the same. But you need to make your offline boutique practical and welcoming for expectant mothers. Even though your patrons will not just be limited to pregnant women, majority of your customers will be. You need comfortable chairs so that your customers can rest when required. Your clothing racks should not be cramped in a manner that it’s difficult for your customers to navigate. You cannot put up merchandise in a position that women struggle to reach it. They should preferably be put up as low on the display area as possible. Pregnant women often bring their older kids along with them to shop, so make sure that you have a play area for them.

Promoting your store online

For your offline store, you should place brochures and fliers in ob-gyn offices, in day care facilities, and the like. As far as online promotions are concerned, launch a promotional blog, open social media networking accounts, and the like.

Now that you’ve decided what to sell online and how to go about doing it, it’s time to get down to selling. Register as a seller on Amazon. Reach out to an existing marketplace worth a million plus customers. Make the most of e-commerce selling and launch your online maternity boutique today!

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