Wondering how to sell chocolates online? Here’s how!

Turn your love for chocolates into a profitable business

by Kamini on 25/06/2018
If you have a sweet tooth, you can now turn your love for chocolates into a profitable business. Chocolates are always in demand, be it for an occasion or for a lark, so you can rest assured of a following of dedicated customers. The culinary market too is slowly expanding to include a wider array of bakers and candy makers, thereby attracting a new type of customer. Without requiring a great deal of capital, you can start this from the comfort of your own home. Here’s a guide on how to sell chocolates online:

Procure equipment and raw materials

Handmade chocolate, which has become increasingly popular these days, will require the necessary equipment to be made. As an alternative to the more bulky machinery of the past, manufacturers have designed sleeker models to deal with the chocolate making process. Investing a small amount of money, you will need to purchase some tabletop equipment before you get started. Develop a list of what you will need and start with the basics. You can add to it as your business grows.

Get all your licences and permits at one place

Before you can begin, there will be certain legal requirements to fulfil. You will not be able to proceed without an FSSAI license which certifies you to sell food products. The license requires you to fill in a form, declaring the ingredients, additives and labels of products you will be using. Once you get the approval required, you can proceed with your business.

Have a solid marketing plan

You first need to identify the target market for your homemade chocolate and come up with a strategy for getting the word out to potential buyers. Another important aspect to consider as part of your marketing plan is packaging and display. While coming face to face with your customers is the ideal way to spread the message of your brand and put you in contact with those who care about the quality of your products, you can also use tools like social media to promote your chocolates.

Practice the craft

Chocolate making is an art. Before the launch of your business make sure your skill is well-honed and you are able to make a product you are proud of. You will need to learn the basics of tempering irrespective of what kind of chocolate you are making. Try chocolate from all over the world and get a taste of what chocolates you like and what does not quite appeal to you. Learn to identify the flaws that lie within the flavours and that you would want to avoid using in your own chocolates.

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