"We are going to use Amazon's global footprint to export $10 billion of 'Make in India' goods by the year 2025"

Jeff Bezos
Founder & CEO, Amazon
Amazon Exports Digest 2020 Launched:
Amazon launched its 3rd edition of Exports Digest on 20th July 2020. Through this Digest, Amazon publishes the business insights and seller success stories of Amazon Global Selling Program. Download Now!

What is Amazon Global Selling?

Amazon Global Selling is an ecommerce export program to sell internationally from India. By signing up to sell globally Indian sellers/ MSMEs will get access to millions of Amazon customers across 200+ countries & territories visiting daily to 15 Amazon International Marketplaces belonging to Americas (US, Canada, Mexico & Brazil), Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Germany & UK), Middle East (UAE) & Asia-Pacific (Japan, Singapore & Australia).


Countries & Territories


International Marketplaces

$ 2 Billion+

eCommerce Exports Sales


Indian Sellers
Whether you’ve already got an established ecommerce business, exporting offline, a great idea for a new product, or you just have a passion for selling, here’s how to take that next step with Amazon.

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Why Global Selling?

Customers worldwide
Reach hundreds of millions of customers
Sell your products directly to millions of customers from 200+ countries & territories who visit Amazon for their shopping needs.
Benefits of Amazon Global Selling
Increase sales from festival demands across the world
Not just Diwali, now you can make the most of peak selling seasons across the world like - Prime Day, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Ramadan and Elders Day.
Earn in international currencies
Earn in Dollars, Pounds and Euros. Get paid in Rupees
From currency conversion to remittance into your bank account, we’ll ensure that you get secure and timely payments.

How to get started?

If you are interested in taking your business global and reach more customers, then this is how you should get started.
  • Decide on where do you want to sell Amazon has presence in North America, Europe & Asia. Each region has millions of customers with unique culture and preferences.
  • Decide on what product you want to sell Make sure that your product is as per the customer needs in the region you want to sell
  • Register yourself as a seller
    Register your business for selling in that selected region by providing the necessary details.
  • Start selling globally Upload the product details, select the fulfillment method & manage your selling account
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It’s time to think big and look beyond, to grow your business.
You too can start selling from India, to the world.

Seller Success!
"We are happy that even when we are sleeping, Amazon takes care of our online Business in USA" - Manish Jain, Herbs & Crops Overseas

Watch how Manish's online export business did 200% growth in just 1 year

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(Includes US, Canada and Mexico)
(Includes UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany)
(Japan, Australia, UAE)

About Amazon Global Selling

Launched in India in May 2015, Amazon’s Global Selling Program facilitates easy, simple and convenient access for you to sell your products to consumers across the globe from India. Currently, over 60,000 Indian manufacturers, sellers and exporters are using this platform to sell their offerings across Amazon's 15 international marketplaces. The program offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions that include assisting you with imaging, logistics, tax advisory and remittance. In 2017 we launched Diwali store on amazon.com to exclusively showcase Indian products.

In 2020, Amazon Global Selling achieved a significant milestone of $2 billion in cumulative e-commerce exports sales from India. Exports through the program have grown 100% in less than 18 months.

The Amazon's 15 global marketplaces include USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, Singapore and UAE. Our world class logistics solution - 'Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)' helps pack and ship your products to international customers from over 200+ countries & territories in as low as 2 days. Also, our exclusive solution 'Sponsored Products' helps advertise your products to global customers to help increase your brand's visibility. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact Seller Support for guidance and help. In addition to this, our third party 'Solution Providers Network' help you with solutions like Taxation, Imaging, Cataloguing, Complaince, Logistics, etc.
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