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Existing sellers can write to us at - global-shipping-azn@amazon.com to use FBA

Now get your products delivered to your international customers in just 2 days with global Fulfillment by Amazon.

All you need to do is to send your products to the Amazon’s International Fulfillment Centers and we will do the rest for you. Focus on expanding your business while we store your inventory, pack and ship your products when a customer places order as well as provide customer support.
Free shipping and more
With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), your products are also eligible for free shipping and you get access to millions of Amazon's most loyal and
active prime members.
Grow Your Business
We store your inventory and handle shipping of your products to your customers, so you can have more time on hand to focus on your business.
Pay as you go
You are charged for storage space and orders we fulfill. The cost of shipping is included in your fees,
with no extra charge on Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping and FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Fees for Selling on Amazon and optional services may apply.
Build customer trust
Customers trust Amazon’s world class packaging, shipping and customer service. Your FBA listed products will have the advantage of building customer trust towards your brand.

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How to send your products to Amazon's global Fulfillment Centers?

Sending your products to Amazon Fulfillment Centers
If you choose to use Fulfillment by Amazon and want us to manage delivery of your products to your customers, you will have to send in your products to our global fulfillment centers. You can choose to either send in your inventory by yourself using your own carrier partners or take advantage of Amazon's carrier partners. Our carrier partners can help ship your products from India to our international fulfillment centers at competitive prices.
Carrier partner details and documents required
Below is the list of documents required to send shipments to Amazon Fulfillment centers through our carrier partners:
IEC (Import Export Code)
You can register for IEC from here - http://dgft.gov.in/

To apply for IEC, kindly go to Services > IEC > Online IEC Application
Europe VAT Certificate
Europe VAT Certificate is required to sell in Europe. Below are the external tax advisors who can help get an Europe VAT certificate.

Name - Sultan & Lohith Chartered Accountants
Location - Bangalore
VAT registration fee (excluding GST) -
Expedited (12 – 15 days) : INR 25,000
Regular (25 – 30 days) : INR 9,000
VAT returns-filing fee (excluding GST) -
Expedited (12 – 15 days) : INR 10,000
Regular (25 – 30 days) : INR 5,000
Contact Person - Mr. CB Lohith
Contact Number - 9449824056
Email ID - lohithcb@slcas.com
Website - www.slcas.com

Name - Parshotam and Associates
Location - Gurgaon, Ludhiana + 3 other cities
VAT registration fee (excluding GST) - INR 7,000
VAT returns-filing fee (excluding GST) - INR 1,700
Contact Person - Mr. Manmohan Dhiman
Contact Number - 9878674699
Email ID - gst@parshotamandassociates.com
Website - www.parshotamandassociates.com

Name - Overseas Corporate Professional
Location - Ahmedabad + 3 overseas
VAT registration fee (excluding GST) - GBP £80
VAT returns-filing fee (excluding GST) - From GBP £175
Contact Person - Mr. Rajiv Agarwal
Contact Number - 9558811021
Email ID - rajiv@uscorporatesolution.com
Website - www.ocpbiz.com

Name - Stelcore Management Services
Location - Mumbai
VAT registration fee (excluding GST) - GBP £80
VAT returns-filing fee (excluding GST) - GBP £20
Contact Person - Mr. Bharat Mandot
Contact Number - 9699418777
Email ID - bharatmandot@stelcoreadvisors.in
Website - www.stelcore.in

Name - Fiscal Solutions
Location - London
VAT registration fee (excluding GST) -
UK – GBP £100
Germany – GBP £150
France – GBP £250
Spain – GBP £350
Italy – GBP £450
VAT returns-filing fee (excluding GST) - GBP £80
Contact Person - Mr. Bharat Mandot
Contact Number - 9699418777
Email ID - contact@fiscalsolutions.co.uk
Website - www.fiscalsolutions.co.uk
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Click Here to view the rate card of DHL - one of our carrier partner exclusively for Self-Fulfilled orders

Self-Fulfilled Shipment

Selling globally requires you to deliver your products to international customers. You can choose to deliver your products with Fulfillment By Amazon or deliver products to customers yourself.

If you wish to deliver your products directly to international customers, our carrier partners can help you with the same. You can also deliver your products using your own carrier partners.
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