Starting an export business from India!

How can I start an export business?

Step 1 to  start your export bueiness- Decide on where to export
Decide where do you want to export
Start with understanding global markets and what kind of products sell more in which market. This would help you decide what geographies to focus as per your product’s demand. With Amazon Global Selling you would have an opportunity to sell in 200+ countries & territories across 15 Amazon marketplaces.
step 2 of export process- get the required documentation done
Get the required documentation
Obtain PAN (from Income Tax Department) & IEC – Importer Exporter Code (from Directorate General of Foreign Trade - DGFT). Application for IEC can be obtained online at DFGT website by submitting the requisite documents.
step 3 on how to start exporting- find  buyers
Find buyers
If you are looking to start offline exports business, you might need to participate in Trade fairs in various countries, interact in various buyer seller meets, and go to B2B portal. With Amazon Global Selling you can reach hundreds of millions of customers in 200+ countries & territories.
step4 of how to start exporting- ship your products
Ship your products
The key drivers which you need to take care while shipping are: having quality control, proper packaging, labeling, custom clearances etc. With FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Amazon supports end to end in shipping, packaging & delivery of your products.
step 5 of how to start exporting- get paid
Get paid
You can either collect your payments in a bank account in India or opt to open a new bank account in the country where you export your product to. With Amazon Global Selling, getting paid is hassle-free as you can get INR directly into your savings bank account.
Amazon: your gateway to millions of customers
"We are going to use Amazon's global footprint to export $10 billion of 'Make in India' goods by the year 2025"
Jeff Bezos
Founder & CEO, Amazon Inc.

Success Stories - How can an Indian seller succeed internationally?

"We are happy that even when we are sleeping, Amazon takes care of our online business in USA"
- Manish Jain, Herbs & Crops Overseas

Watch how Manish’s e-commerce exports business grew by 200% in just one year.
Start your export business with Amazon Global Selling

What are the benefits of Selling Globally?

Export through Amazon

Increase your revenue

You can maximize your revenue by participating in international sale events like Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. in International Amazon Marketplaces (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Middle East etc.)
Amazon global selling benefits

Year-round demand

With Amazon Global Selling, you have an opportunity for yearlong demand of your products. For example, if you are a sweater manufacturer and your peak demand is during or before the start of winter season in India (i.e. Dec, Jan), you can also sell your products in the peak winter season in Australia (Jun- Aug) or other geographies, thereby making sales around the year.
Sell products to abroad

Fulfilled by Amazon

We know how critical & important it is to take care of your logistics and hence to serve hundreds of millions of customers globally we offer fulfillment support to sellers. All you need to do is send your products to Amazon’s warehouse; once a customer places the order, Amazon packs, and ships it to the customer. In case customer has some queries, Amazon’s customer care handles customer feedback/ queries on your behalf. If customer returns the product, Amazon collects the product and brings back to the fulfillment center again. Hence, we take care of logistics for you.
Export through Amazon

The Amazon advantage

With Amazon Global Selling, you can expand your reach to millions of international customers through Amazon’s existing marketplaces and logistics capabilities across the world. Your products are displayed to customers whenever customers search for them. In the case of traditional exports, it takes a longer time to make your products available to end customer. Further, you get to build your own global brand by selling to customers across the world!

Amazon exports so far.....

Global Reach
countries & territories. Get access to reach millions of shoppers worldwide
Revenue Generated
$2 Billion+
eCommerce Exports Sales through Amazon Global Selling till date, helping Indian entrepreneurs to export
Growing Community
sellers have already signed up and expanded their business internationally

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How to start export business from India through Amazon?


Amazon Global Selling How it Works

Decide where and what to sell

Understand the market opportunities for your export product/items around the world and decide on which country you want to export your product. Amazon provides you access to markets around the world. You can choose to sell in any or all of Amazon marketplaces in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East & Asia Pacific.


Amazon Global Selling How it Works

Register & list your products

Once you decide on where and what to export then register yourself as a seller in the respective Amazon international marketplace and list your products you want to Export. For example if you want to sell toys in USA through Amazon, then you have to register yourself as a seller for and create your product listing to showcase them to customers looking for toys on
Amazon has created “Service Provider Network”, a list of 3rd party service providers who will help you with creating and running a successful export business. The network has the service providers who can help you with registration, product cataloguing, listing process and other services that are required for you to expand your exports business.


Amazon Global Selling How it Works

Deliver your products

Delivery time is one of the critical factors that makes a customer order your product apart from product quality, price, availability of variants etc. Customers might not place their order if the product’s delivery time is longer or might cancel the order if the committed date is not met. Hence it is important to be competitive in delivering your product to customer. Amazon offers you the flexibility of delivering the orders by yourself through a logistics partner of your choice or sign-up for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) global solutions with delivery to international customers in as little as 2 days.


Amazon Global Selling How it Works

Manage your business

You are now an exporter and through Amazon, you can manage and grow your business. You can be a successful exporter by
  • Promoting your products through Amazon advertising solutions
  • Monitor customer feedback on your product and improve product quality or add more features/ utility to increase sales
  • Use Fulfillment by Amazon to take care of logistics
Start your export business with Amazon Global Selling

Common Questions

Where can I export my products via Amazon?
Amazon offers you access to export in 200+ countries & territories via 17 marketplaces namely,
What are the product categories that I can export via Amazon?
Amazon allows the export of products across beauty, electronics, apparels, fashion accessories, home essentials, kitchen essentials, tools, outdoor & garden products, sports, toys & games, collectibles (arts, coins, celebrity autographs, etc…), software, music, home security, health care products, organic products, food & dietary supplements, groceries, etc…
Top selling product categories from Indian sellers are
  • Home Essentials (Bedsheets, Pillow cover, Curtains & more)
  • Health & Personal Care (Hygiene, Personal care, Home care, Toiletries & more)
  • Beauty Products (Personal grooming, makeup & more)
  • Apparel (Men’s, Ladies, Kids Fashion & more)
  • Office Products (Office essentials, Dairy, Notepad, Novelties & more)
Fast growing product categories from Indian sellers are
  • Medical Instruments (Thermometers, BP monitors & more)
  • Scientific instruments (lab instruments, calculator, lab essentials & more)
  • Toys & Sports (Kids toys, learning/ activity boxes, robotic toys & more)
  • Handicrafts (Tanjore Bubbleheads, paintings, Channapatna toys & much more)
  • Ayurveda (Personal care, Health supplements & more)
Kindly note that some countries have a few different regulatory requirements like VAT for selling in EU/ UAE or FDA approval for selling certain products in US. Amazon's Service Provider Network can help you with these requirements.
What is the procedure to register myself as an exporter through Amazon?
Amazon Global Selling has made export process easy for Indian MSMEs. To register as an exporter with Amazon Global Selling all you need is
  • email Id
  • valid business address
  • credit card with international transactions enabled
  • VAT (only for Europe & Middle East Marketplaces)
Start your export business with Amazon Global Selling
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