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Become an international seller with Amazon Global Selling program and sell to hundreds of millions of customers across the world

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Tell us about your business
Tell us about your business – enter your business name and address. Choose your selling plan and enter your bank details and tax information.
List your products
Choose your product category and use the easy-to-use listing tools to place your products on Amazon marketplace.
Improve product visibility
Increase the visibility of your products through Amazon Sponsored Products.
Start receiving orders
As soon as your account goes live, your products become visible to customers and you can start receiving orders.
Fulfillment by Amazon
You can opt for Fulfillment by Amazon and we will store, pack, ship and provide customer service for your products. You can also choose to ship your products yourself.
Get timely payments
Receive timely payments in INR directly into your bank account.

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It’s time to think big and look beyond, to grow your business.
You too can start selling from India, to the world.

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