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Get ready for international festivals – Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Christmas.
Now take advantage of not just Diwali demand but our global sale periods too and boost your business.
229% increase in Indian products sold
during Cyber Monday 2017*
243% increase in Indian products sold during
Black Friday 2017*
Top 5 products sold – 1) Bedsheets and Duvet covers, 2) Tapestries, 3) Leather bags, Journals & Accessories, 4) Home Storage – Plastic, Copper, Steel and Wood

"My business grew by 100%
during Amazon's
international holiday season"

Rohit Mehrotra, California Design Den

Plan for success

A checklist for you to be ready for the season
3 things to have a great International Holiday Season
Fulfillment By Amazon
91% of the Indian products sold during Diwali 2017 were FBA
Fulfilment by Amazon helps you store your products in our international fulfillment centers. Once you receive an order, we pack and ship your products to international customers in as low as 2 days. Click Here to know how to register and use Fulfillment by Amazon.
Get Items in on time
Ship us your products by 5th November
Make sure all your products have arrived at our global fulfillment centers by 5th November. Review your Inventory Performance Dashboard to manage your inventory. Make sure your top products which are popular during this festival are stocked well.
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*The data is a comparison of Indian products sold during International Sale Period (Cyber Monday and Black Friday respectively) during 2015 and 2017.
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