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Who is eligible to participate in the Amazon Global Selling Propel Accelerator program?
To be eligible to participate in the program, the applicant must fulfill the following criteria:
  • Should be a start–up operating in India primarily in the consumer segment
  • The start–up should be the sole owner of the brand of the products that are being sold/distributed
  • Should be the owner or official representative of the start–up in connection with the application for the program
  • Have strong early adoption metrics in launched markets
  • Strong vision of the founders to expand the start-up's operations in the short term
  • Willingness to participate in the 6 week (approx.) mentoring program & networking sessions hosted under the program
How do I apply?
Please register your brand by filling the form here
What is the selection process/criteria?
The applications will be evaluated based on the strength of the business plan, strong adoption metrics and team capabilities. Shortlisted applicants will be inducted into the Amazon Global Selling Propel Accelerator program.
How much funding will my firm receive?
There will be an total equity free grant of $50,000 (Top team - $30,000, 1st Runner up - $15,000 and 2nd Runner up - $5,000). Additionally, there is a possibility of funding by a VC who will be a part of the demo day presentation.
What are the important dates and timeline?
The Amazon Global Selling Propel program will be open and accept applications till 7th February and the first shortlist will be announced by 11th February. The top 10 start-ups will be inducted into a six-week program. The detailed timeline for the same can be found below
I have already raised Series-A funds. Can I still apply for the Accelerator program?
Yes. We are aligned on targeting early stage start-ups. However, based on factors mentioned in FAQ 3, if there are synergies, we will be inducting Series-A start-ups in the program as well.
How many members of my team can attend the event?
This year, the whole event will be online and we encourage the complete core team to participate in the events by registering your start-up in the program. Please note that only one member shall register the start-up on the portal.
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