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From Delhi to the US

Watch how Girijesh took his business from Delhi to the US
Girijesh started Adimani Enterprises with a loan of Rs. 5000 from my friends. Today, his business has largely expanded. He now receives up to 21 orders a day, and his products sell faster than he can make them. This was possible only because of his online business with Amazon Global Selling.
"Hi I am Girijesh Kumar, and my company's name is Adimani Enterprises. To begin with, I didn't have anything. I borrowed RS 5000 from a friend and started this. My first design was a normal laptop bag which is No.1 in America till date. I am unable to keep up with its inventory as it sells out so fast. There was a need of investment at the beginning, but I pulled out a loan and started a small company. Earlier I used to run my business from home. I used to take bags from the shop to my home and process the orders there. But, slowly I started seeing profits in this business and started enjoying it.

I used to do all the work by myself like photo shoots, content writing and listing then, Amazon provided me with a manager who helped me on every front. Before we used to get 1 order a day or a week, but now we get around 21 orders a day, sometimes even 40, especially during Christmas we get more than 100 orders. In America, I start with FBA, I use the Amazon warehouse to send my products in bulk which is then shipped by Amazon through FBA.

That helps me a lot with my business, I am able to cut down my cost and minimize returns. Now I am their prime seller, where my bags get delivered all over USA in a short time. Earlier I used to get 1 or 2 orders a day, now my orders have increased to 10 per day and during weekends and festivals it just gets better.

It's been almost a year since I started selling on Amazon USA and in 8 months we have made 80 lakhs. Not only me but everyone around me is happy. I don't have to think anymore before purchasing expensive things. Today whatever I have is all because of my online business."

Girijesh Kumar: Adimani Enterprises
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